Hairstyles With Shaved Underside For Women

Hairstyles with shaved undercuts can be an eye-catching way to make your locks appear boldly or subtly lighter. An undercut could slim down your sides and nape or add flair to a pixie cut!

Here, she wears her long red locks over a side shave with an adorable owl design adorning one side – she can hide or show it off depending on her mood! This unique accessory adds flair and personality!


Spiderman, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first seen in Amazing Fantasy 15, is one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes. Famously quoted, “With great power comes great responsibility,” this iconic character graces every corner.

After Gwen Stacy died, Peter reconciled with high school classmate Mary Jane Watson and began dating her. However, his fear that his superhero identity would put her in harm’s way prompted him to stop using his powers and abandon his superhero identity altogether.

Miles Morales’ haircut in Insomniac’s Spiderman was an unexpected disappointment to many fans. Many called it a lesbian cut and voiced concerns that it doesn’t accurately portray the hairstyles of Black teenage boys.


The owl spirit animal is known for its wisdom, vigilance, and watchfulness – qualities that could serve as reminders to maintain an attentive awareness of your surroundings and avoid becoming distracted by modern life’s myriad distractions. Additionally, choosing this design could remind you to prioritize relationships and family life, as it symbolizes domesticity and domestic life in its essence.

Owls possess an apteria (pronounced ‘ap-TERR-ee-ah”) – areas on their bodies where no feathers grow but which are nonetheless covered in adjacent areas – and rictal bristles resemblingmouse whiskers in appearance and function.


Crisscrossing is the pattern of crossing lines or paths. For instance, you might see it on clothing, maps, bulletin boards, or bulletin board ribbons, with hot glue used at each intersection to connect them. The word crisscross comes from the Middle English crist-crosse (Christ’s Cross).

Crisscrossing refers to moving back and forth over something, as in: “She led the children crisscross across the playground.” Crisscross is also the title of an iconic film noir featuring an armored truck driver facing his own punishment.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids have quickly become a trendy protective style among celebrities and other public figures, becoming an integral part of their look. Wearable in various ways and suited for women of all ages alike, Goddess braids can also be enhanced with beads or cuffs to personalize the style for each wearer.

Side-parting hair can create an eye-catching style while still looking youthful and easy to maintain – saving time and effort with daily styling sessions!

Highlights can add depth and dimension to your goddess braids, creating an eye-catching contrast against their natural color. Go for blonde highlights for a lighter, brighter appearance, or add subtle streaks for a more subdued effect.


Mandala tattoo patterns have seen immense popularity over time, and for good reason. Their sacred meaning embodies order in our world, while their flower-inspired form makes them perfect for hidden undercut hairstyles – adding flair and keeping your look current and unique! Mandalas offer this added element when styling a ponytail or bun hairstyle as they adds something different than its competitors.

Mandalas are circular images that symbolize various subjects or concepts, including cosmic truths, God as an entity or inner self of individuals, or any aspect of spiritual, psychological, emotional, or even physical life. The first recorded mention of mandalas is in Indian scripture known as Rig Veda.

Back Nape

An undercut for women can be an elegant way to lighten up your locks while adding style. The back-to-front design reveals your lovely ears and jawline when worn up. Heart-shaped centers make this quarter-shaved section very stylish, while more daring types may include swirl designs for even bolder looks!

Mohawks are a classic feminine hairstyle that features the perfectly shaved back nape and are easy for anyone to master, working well with all sorts of top styles, including braids.