Blue Anime Model With Shaved Underside

The shaved underneath is a trendy and functional style. It is very easy to style and it takes weight off your head, so it’s easy to wear daily. Also, having less hair on your head will help you get ready quickly and can be very convenient. However, you must remember that this cut may not be as comfortable for everyone, so you should consider your lifestyle before going under the knife. Here are some examples of the types of styles that you can try.

hair Shaved Underly – How to Create an Edgar hair Cut Design


There are many different designs for hair shaved underneath. You can opt for a simple undercut, or go for a more intricate one. You can use a razor to create intricate lines, or you can even go for a two-toned look or a cool-toned color. You can even add artistic designs to your shaved underneath, which will add a unique piece of art to the nape of your neck. If you’re unsure about the type of undercut you want, speak to a barber. Your barber will be able to give you some tips and suggestions.

Shaved haircuts For Women


The most popular shaved styles for women are the Mohawk, the pixie, and the asymmetrical style. These cuts can be expected or unique depending on your taste and lifestyle. Besides being a fun look, women who have thin, fine hair may also opt for a cool-toned or two-toned mohawk with artistic designs underneath. Those who have thicker hair can try a layered or textured pixie to complement the cut.