Trichotillomania Hair Pulling – A Modern Design Idea

Using Best Design Trends & Styles to Deal With Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania, also called compulsive hair pulling disorder, is an emotionally disturbing condition characterized by a compulsive, long-term desire which results in the pulling of one’s hair, leading to hair loss. In most people, this habit typically begins during childhood or adolescence and results from an impulse to stimulate Hair growth. This habit is more likely to occur with facial hair that one feels is unattractive or uncomfortable. Hair pulling can become quite a problem over time, leading to Hair loss and baldness. However, this condition can be addressed and treated. Using Best design trends and styles, those with trichotillomania can easily pull their hair when they want, showing others that they are healthy and attractive.

Trichotillomania, also known as hair-pulling disease, is an obsessive compulsive disorder characterized by compulsive pulling of this out of the scalp, eyelids, eyebrows, and other sensitive areas of the skin, despite repeated efforts to stop or reduce Hair pulling. Trichotilllomania can start during early childhood and often results from an emotionally stressful experience. It is estimated that approximately 5% of adults suffer from Hair pulling at some point in their lives. In most cases trichotilllomania is treated with medication and/or psychotherapy.