Hair Plugs Cost:

hair plugs are considered outdated and less sophisticated than modern hair transplant methods. While you may still come across references to hair plugs from medical professionals or infomercials, at BSG, we use advanced techniques that are more effective at stimulating hair growth. The hair plug technique, developed in the 1950s, involved extracting large round patches of the scalp with multiple hair follicles and implanting them onto balding areas. However, this often resulted in unnatural-looking results. In contrast, modern transplants, such as FUE, provide more natural-looking outcomes.


hair plugs are an outdated treatment for baldness and less sophisticated than hair transplants. Both procedures involve transferring healthy hair follicles to bald or thinning areas of the scalp. However, hair transplants offer more natural-looking results because they use round grafts of hair that align with natural head growth. Hair plugs, on the other hand, may leave gaps between the transplanted patches, creating an unnatural appearance. Transplants also provide longer-term and sometimes permanent results, although multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired look.


Hair plugs are a form of hair transplantation. Individuals with limited natural hair commonly use this technique as it is relatively quick and straightforward. However, hair plugs may have a higher risk of infections or scarring than more sophisticated hair transplant procedures. Hair transplants using individual follicles result in more natural-looking outcomes due to the absence of gaps between each transplant. Additionally, the smaller incision areas required for transplants tend to promote longer-lasting results than hair plugs.