Best Hair Drying Towel

Here is some valuable advice about towel drying correctly!

Aspen5 Microfiber hair Tower Wrap

Microfiber towels are an ideal way to manage both wavy and curly locks, absorbing water ten times faster than regular towels and simplifying drying your locks. Plus, their soft material reduces frizz for quicker blow-drying times by extracting extra moisture.

This microfiber hair towel features an adjustable elastic loop that makes turban wrapping simple and secures it securely for overnight plopping or to reduce frizz while getting ready in the morning. Plus, its lightweight yet gentle nature means no damage will occur to your locks!

Siena Gagliano of Beauty Editor recommends the Volo Hero microfiber towel as an effective solution for thick and curly locks, saying it “will halve drying time while eliminating post-shower frizz.” She also loves American Soft Linen’s plush microfiber towel, which features a unique weave designed to dry hair while minimizing friction rapidly.

TRESemmé Fast Drying Towel

TRESemme’s Fast Drying Towel excelled in our tests. Made of soft microfiber fabric, its super absorbency made it great at soaking up water from our tester’s hair before quickly drying – although its odor-fighting abilities could have been more impressive. However, its pack-down size made it quite portable; though lacking clips, a carrying case was provided. At three out of five stars overall, it earned our top rating! Excessive washing will hasten its decomposition, so only wash it when necessary.

L’Oréal Professionel Fast Drying Towel

L’Oreal Professional Fast Drying Towel is an attractive salon-style white towel featuring its logo. Constructed of 100% cotton for safe washing and lasting softness after repeated uses, excessive washing could erode its antimicrobial technology treatment; air drying is recommended to get optimal results with this towel, sold as a set of six towels.