Hair Cutting Tools For Women

Stay-at-home orders have left many households acting as makeshift hair salons, but they require the appropriate tools before cutting their own strands.

Stainless Steel Shears

Stainless steel shears are ideal for precision cuts and creating layered or textured styles. Shears with detachable blades can also help fade blemishes and trim beards and necklines.


Scissors are an indispensable part of cutting hair and a vital asset when creating any style or length imaginable. Thinning shears are designed to soften lines and decrease weight, while texturizing shears add extra texture to types. Look for shears with sharp blades that offer maximum detail-capturing capabilities. Consider the size and design of the handle and thumb holes for a comfortable grip and more control during cutting.


A comb is an essential hair tool to distribute and manage the hair on your scalp and head. Rat tail combs are great for creating natural-textured styles and adding volume. They can also help section hair precisely and shape it for precise techniques. Choose combs that are anti-static, heat and water-resistant to prevent flyaways.


Hair clippers are essential for women looking to cut their hair at home. They serve multiple functions, from precise haircuts to texturizing, adding volume, creating fades, and finishing touches. Consider your grooming goals and frequency of usage before purchasing clippers.


Razors are tools designed to remove body hair and can be combined with clippers for facial hair removal. Stylists often use razors to add movement and texture to haircuts. Use high-quality shears to minimize the risk of damaging hair during razoring.

Remember to choose ergonomic and lightweight shears to minimize stress on your hands, arms, shoulders, and back. Look for shears with built-in swivels, spaced fingerhole systems, and comfortable grip handles for ease of use. Lifetime warranties provide peace of mind that your shears will withstand the elements without breaking down quickly.