A Hair Cutting System That Works Like a Vacuum Cleaner

People invest significant sums of money and time in professional haircuts, yet most need more expertise to produce stylish, well-groomed results without extensive training. The Flowbee hair-cutting system was designed to make haircutting simple.

How Flowbee Works

Flowbee is an innovative device that uses guide combs for precision cutting, eliminating the need for mirrors and decreasing the chances of mistakes requiring further trips to your barber. It functions similarly to a vacuum cleaner attachment, clipping hairs and depositing them in its canister.

Considerations for Using Flowbee

While suitable for most people, using Flowbee may cause damage to hair and scalp as it’s noisy, so it should be limited at night, especially with children sleeping or pets around. It is best used with straight, dry hair rather than wet locks, so extra hair products like spray, gel, or thickeners should be avoided.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

The Flowbee is designed for easy use and can connect to virtually any vacuum with three horsepower or eight amps of suction power. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, making it convenient for users. All hair goes directly into the vacuum cleaner, leaving no mess behind.

Drawbacks and Alternatives

Reaching the back of the head can be difficult with Flowbee, and it may not work well on curly or thick hair types. Mastering its use may require practice, but it can be an excellent alternative to visiting a barber once these drawbacks are overcome.

Robocut: Another Vacuum-Based hair Cutting System

Robocut is another vacuum-based hair-cutting system that offers convenience and cost savings for cutting hair at home.

Differences from Flowbee

Robocut requires a specific vacuum cleaner with a suction hose attachment for maximum effectiveness and silent performance. It features laser-etched blades that provide a cleaner version compared to Flowbee.

Robocut Features and Versatility

Robocut is more affordable and has been in production longer. It provides clear instructions and guidebook explanations for easy operation and maintenance. It is also suitable for grooming pets and works with straight or curly locks. The portable design makes it great for travel.

Conair Professional Cord/Cordless Even Cut Rotary Haircut Cutting System

Efficient Haircutting with Conair

The Conair Professional Cord/Cordless Even Cut Rotary Haircut Cutting System efficiently maintains short, even haircuts. Its revolutionary rotary cutting system with ultra-sharp circular blades moves in any direction for effortless trimming.

Features and Convenience

The clipper includes a trimmer for neckline and sideburns, a 5-position comb guide, and scissors. It comes with a barber comb, cleaning brush, and oil storage pouch. The professional-grade lithium-ion battery provides three hours of cordless operation. The lightweight and compact size makes cleaning and maintenance easy.