Hair Cuts For Women Over 50

Hairstyling can make a significant impact on how you appear. Try opting for a cute layered pixie with side-swept bangs, as this style frames your face beautifully.

Light blonde bobs with subtle highlights are an elegant style for mature women looking to add color and volume. This style tapers beautifully towards the neck with feathered layers.

Short to Medium

Take pride in your natural texture with a short to medium hairstyle that looks youthful and beautiful. Ask your stylist for a piecey pixie cut that frames your face while adding volume. Add texture with misting or texturizing spray for additional movement and a chic finish.

Are you ready for an eye-catching look? Consider blonde highlights in your short hair. This striking hue looks beautiful on women over 50 and instantly brightens up any complexion. Ensure to visit your stylist every four weeks to maintain its vibrant color!

Feather, soft layers create an ultra-feminine hairstyle. Their face-framing effect will help hide forehead wrinkles while brightening up complexions.

Medium Length

Medium-length hair is ideal for older women with thin strands, adding volume and dimension to their look while offering various styling techniques and suiting most face shapes. If chosen appropriately, medium-length layers can beautifully frame heart-shaped faces while hiding double chins.

Try a sleek, shoulder-length layered bob with full, sweeping bangs for an exquisite, timeless look that exudes refined elegance. This look will always be in fashion!

Layers are an indispensable styling solution, adding volume and control to fine, straight hair while giving volume and body to thick, wavy locks. This timeless layered style is easy to maintain and looks polished for any special event or occasion.

Long Length

Women over 50 who choose long hair have found that it can still turn heads. A medium length with layers that graze the shoulders is an ideal way to remain feminine and youthful; pair this with soft, messy bangs that frame your face for a timeless and stunning look.

Layers are essential when styling stunning hairstyles, and this wolf cut is the ideal way to take years off one’s appearance. The blonde hue helps hide those annoying grays, while face-framing layers create an eye-catching feminine look suitable for any special event or occasion. Plus, its easy upkeep requires just a few coats of hairspray a day to remain looking its best all day long!


Women over 50 desire cropped haircuts that are both stylish and relevant. A tailored pixie with an undercut nape adds sophistication and femininity, and looks remarkably fresh and youthful when dyed a light gray shade.

Stacked bob hairstyles are another great age-defying short women’s haircut that fits any hair type and face shape, from thick to fine locks. Layered cuts with bangs that sweep to one side create an adorable, girlish look while covering forehead wrinkles and creating an ageless aesthetic.

An elegant wedge cut with layers is one of the top hairstyles for older women with thick hair. It is easy to maintain while always looking sleek and polished.


Classic bobs are timeless and always stylish. Cut around chin length; this style frames your face without being as revealing as pixie cuts. Add volume by adding well-placed layers or adding color for extra appeal.

This chin-length bob is ideal for women over 50 seeking to upgrade their look with a timeless and feminine style that doesn’t compromise femininity. Adding texture makes this cut even more versatile and easily styled, while adding a natural wave gives it a youthful charm. Furthermore, the style helps highlight cheekbones.


Whether your grey hair is naturally grey or colored, do not hesitate to experiment with different styles and cuts for women over 50. There are numerous stunning short haircuts for gray hair that will enhance its natural hue and texture, such as this shattered pixie cut that is dainty yet low maintenance, perfect when worn with glasses!

To add an expressive element, this woman has added messy spikes to her short hairstyle for added style and expression. They provide a rejuvenating effect by emphasizing cheekbones and opening eyes, an ideal option for women wanting to experiment with different textures without fully committing to temple shaving or bold hair colors.