Cool Hair Cuts For Guys

Butch Cut: There are various unique variations of a butch haircut, including side sway or complex part styles, which can be created with hair clay or gel. A short butch cut is ideal for guys looking for a clean and sharp style. Inquire with your barber about incorporating low, mid, or high fades for added contrast between the sides and top layers of hair.

Caesar Cut: The Caesar cut is ideal for thick, textured hair and complements most face shapes. Messy styling with clay, salt spray, or dry pomade helps maintain its rugged yet bold aesthetic. This variation of the Caesar style combines classic fringe with an eye-catching bald fade at the back and sides. Difficult facial hair adds another masculine element.

Quiff: The quiff is an engaging modern hairstyle for guys with long locks. Although more casual than its rockabilly pompadour counterpart, this look still creates an attractive, smooth appearance while adding some flair and personality. Start with freshly washed, shower-damp hair. Add premium hair products such as gel or wax and then comb forward until you achieve the quiff shape desired.

Textured Short Haircut: The textured crop has become one of the most fashionable styles for men with short hair, featuring a skin fade on the back and sides, with a longer textured top that can be styled in various ways from spiky fringes to spiked updos. An exciting high bold fade can help accentuate the texture of your top and create an eye-catching new look. Although maintenance will be necessary for optimal results, the effort will pay off in spades!

Side Swept Bangs: Long side bangs can be tailored to extend across the eyebrows for a beautiful sweeping look, providing a slimming effect for cheeks while showing off a charming chin and graceful neck. Add texture with dry texture spray for a natural, fresh look that suits any occasion. Or opt for an on-trend straight bob with side-swept bangs for a girl-next-door vibe.

Undercut Mohawk: Mohawks are attractive for men looking to stand out. While this style has long been associated with rockers and punks, its versatility extends well beyond those subcultures – you can style your mohawk to look sleek and classy too. An exciting variation on the classic mohawk can be achieved by adding a unique design shaved onto its sides, such as an X, geometric shapes, or even letters and numbers. This hairstyle looks highly sophisticated, yet it is easy to maintain.

Medium Short Haircut: Not everyone needs long hair to look sexy and stylish; medium-length haircuts can also look elegant and attractive when styled correctly, especially with face-framing layers around the hairline and bangs that add dimension. Straight, side-swept, or curtain-shaped bangs add even more drama – the voluminous shoulder-length cut looks beautiful when executed in different hues!

Mid-Length Afro: A mid-length afro is a fantastic style for medium-length natural hair styled into medium-length locks. When styled correctly, it can create tons of volume and drama! This look looks particularly dapper and sophisticated when combined with any fade haircut – Esperanza Spalding is known for her fondness of this look!

Man Bun: Man buns began as a trend among hipsters to differentiate themselves from their counterparts who prefer the more common styles like undercut and side-swept contour haircuts; today, they’re worn worldwide by men of all generations and can even be adapted to your mood! With its classic top knot look and seamless yet messy style, man buns offer endless styling possibilities. A high fade and perfectly manicured beard complete this neat look, exuding alpha vibes.