Men’s hair Cuts For Men 2020

For guys with straight hair, longer styles will be the way to go in 2020. They’ll look sharp and sophisticated while remaining easy to maintain. If you’re short on time, a buzz cut is your best bet. These low-maintenance styles are versatile and low-maintenance, perfect for busy guys. For longer styles, try a tapering fade, which is a popular short style for guys with thick, curly hair.

If you’re a guy with straight hair, you’ve probably been thinking about the different men’s hair cuts that are in for 2020. From the modern tapering fade to the sleek undercut, there’s sure to be a style that’s right for you. No matter what your face shape, a modern taper fade can transform your appearance. The best part is, it’s easy to keep up with this type of style, and it’s no longer only for the young.