How to Pair a Fade Haircut With a Variety of Hairstyles

A faded haircut looks fantastic on boys, young men, and older guys of any age. Its versatility can be combined with various hairstyles to achieve a unique look – however, regular trimming is necessary to maintain its neat and sharp appearance.

High Pompadour Fade

This high pompadour fade combines classic mid-century style with modern barbering techniques to produce an eye-catching throwback cut. It features classic textures throughout its composition, resulting in an expertly blended throwback cut.

Buzz Cut with Shaved Sides

A buzz cut with shaved sides is an effortless, low-maintenance style that adds style and character to your look. This hairstyle, popular among men who want to look rugged yet professional, requires only two guards on top and usually features low, mid, or high fades for optimal style and contrast.

Undercut with Textured Comb-Over

This style proves that comb-over fades are not just a boy band-related trend from the 1990s. With well-blended bleached layers and soft side parts, it creates a tapered style that looks professional and feminine. It works well on beards/staches as well as clean-shaven faces.

Long hair Fade

Long hair fade haircuts for men are increasingly popular and offer various styling options. Slick back styling highlights facial features, while casually brushed sideways allow more of the top layer of hair to show. Through styling options, black men can use a long fade to display their individuality.

Scissor Fade

A scissor fade is a men’s fade haircut that uses scissors instead of clippers. This style offers greater customization for individuals looking for a personalized appearance, such as pompadours or textured comb-overs.

Spiked Men’s Fade

Men’s spiky hairstyles are edgy perfect for casual or formal events. It pairs nicely with faded haircuts and can be worn soft or hard parted. Use light hair gel to spike your locks into disconnected, seductive styles.