Hair Color Pattern Trends

Beauty enthusiasts often search for the latest hair color trend, and while many trends come and go, some shades remain timeless and beautiful.

Rich Winter Colors

Rich winter colors like mulled wine and rust red pair well with cooler skin tones, or try something more daring like warm copper brown for variety.

Vivid Colors

Vivid colors add a unique charm and energy to the world, drawing us in with surprise and wonder while instilling playful creativity and artistic spirit that are their own.

Vivid colors offer the perfect way to express yourself – adding subtle pops of color to natural blonde locks or going all-out with fantasy hues; vibrant tones are the ideal way to do just that.

Vivid hair dyes are semi-permanent and sit on top of your cortex rather than being applied directly inside it; due to this fact, vibrant tones may fade more quickly than other types of color dye.

To extend their lifespan further and ensure they last as long as possible, use a color-safe shampoo and condition your locks with a color-protecting conditioner.

Try a candy-swirled rainbow look for an eye-catching style perfect for summer. Or opt for pastel tones reminiscent of sherbet ice cream tones for an eye-catching and cheerful appearance. Or switch things up with subtler accents like a blue peek-a-boo highlight that still exudes style but requires less maintenance!

High-Contrast Colors

For an eye-catching appearance, high-contrast colors are an effective way to distinguish yourself in a crowd. Achieve this effect using dark and light hues – such as black and white).

High-contrast hues not only make a statement; they can also create an arresting look.

Applying color techniques like color blocking and split dye will create the high-contrast look you desire. Use sectioning clips to isolate each hair section as you apply each hue, or select a darker root with a lighter top selection for an elegant two-tone effect.

Add depth and detail to your look by creating a blush of color on either the sides or back of your head, framing your face with subtle hues while adding an accent of depth to this look.

Vibrant Tones

Tone refers to the specific shade of any hue in hair color. The technique subtly differentiates between black and platinum blonde shades or creates more modest ombre effects like tortoise shells by adding tones to your paint, depth, and dimension while protecting strand health.

To make an eye-catching statement, experiment with eye-catching, vibrant tones. A two-toned pink and teal bob is striking and feminine while working well with most skin tones. For added vibrancy, consult with an experienced stylist who specializes in fashion colors; when taking this approach, use color-safe shampoo to maintain energy between salon visits.

If you want to take your vibrant coloring one step further, why not experiment with a holographic rainbow bob that highlights your face? It works best on pre-lightened hair without yellow tones; find a stylist who specializes in bleaching vivid shades for best results. Wash with cold water only, and use color-safe shampoo when washing to preserve this new hue!