Hair Color Combinations For Winter

Lowlights and Highlights

If you want more depth in your hair than a single-color dye job, consider incorporating lowlights or highlights. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain vibrant hues between salon visits.

Bright Colors with Blonde Hair

Pair bright blues, hot pinks, and vibrant purples with natural-looking blonde hair. If bleaching is daunting, try Overtone temporary dye.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel is a versatile hue that can lighten or darken strands and complement warm skin tones. Balayage is a natural-looking way to incorporate caramel highlights. Focusing highlights around the face is incredibly flattering.

Dark Red Hair

Dark red hair adds depth and variety. Use it to highlight natural roots or experiment with peek-a-boo looks. Ayesha Curry showcased a reddish-brown shade with ashy undertones for dimension.

Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair creates a contrast with warm or cool tones. Babylights make a natural appearance. Cool ash brown suits warm skin tones, while warmer amber hues suit pink undertones.

Eye-catching Light Brown

Make a statement with your light brown locks by opting for a red dip-dye. This versatile technique can be customized to your preference.

Natural Deep Shades

Merlot wine adds a reddish tint to both blonde and dark strands. Light brown ombre looks, and deep ebony hues create timeless and stunning looks.