Hair Color and Style Ideas From Celebrity Style Guru Chrissy Teigen

Whatever type of hair you have – black or blonde – there are ways to elevate its appearance and revive its style. Blonde highlights can brighten black locks while lightening them all together and updating the entire complexion.

Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

For an understated and elegant finish, ask your colorist to focus on only highlighting “money pieces” around your face or try brown-to-chestnut balayage for an earthy yet stylish effect.

Chrissy Teigen’s Olive Blonde

Teigen recently shared an Instagram post debuting a brand new hair color. Her signature cool blonde balayage shade was replaced with a warm honey tone, making for an exquisite combination. If you want to try this trend, consider a low-commitment, bleach-free copper gloss for blondes or brunettes with golden undertones.

Cool Pale Blonde

If you have light skin, cool blonde shades that complement your blue or grey eyes can make an impressive statement. Silvery hues or platinum blondes give an icy winter look. Balayage is a refreshing option with a camel-colored root transitioning into wheat-blonde.

Brown-to-Brown Blonde

Brown hair with blonde highlights, or bronde, is a classic style that pairs beautifully with cool skin tones. Milk chocolate brown with honey highlights is a natural and eye-catching choice.

Neon Pink

Bright pink hair can be an expressive way to show your individuality. Subtle pink highlights or balayage are great options for those not ready to fully commit. Dark pink hair dye can make a striking statement but requires regular touch-ups.