How to Add Texture to Your Hair Bun

Are you searching for some texture to your updo? Try incorporating a low ponytail. Pull it halfway up before securing it with a U-pin and hairspray to achieve an appearance of fullness. Texturizing spray, such as the ORIBE hair CARE Dry Texturizing Spray, adds dimension and naturalness to this style, making it great for second-day hair.

1. High Bun

The high bun is one of the most versatile and flattering hairstyles on the market, perfect for every occasion and event. From sleek chignons to loose twists with face-framing pieces, its versatility has long made it a favorite among influencers, celebrities, and everyday women.

Professional stylist Angela Stephen suggests keeping several critical factors in mind when creating the ideal high bun. First and foremost is finding an appropriate position – somewhere between your crown and forehead is perfect as this helps elongate your face. To create a sleek look, gently brush through your strands before pulling them back to form a ponytail. Avoid finger-brushing the strands as you collect them, as this can cause frizziness in your locks and compromise their smooth texture.

Once your hair is collected, gently twist it into a bun and secure it with some bobby pins. Aim for 3-7 depending on your hair length and thickness – any less will not hold in place, while too many may make your bun appear messy. Trying for a more laid-back style? Take a cue from Gwen Stefani and leave some loose, face-framing strands at the front of your hair to soften and highlight your striking facial structure. This will ease your appearance and draw attention to its features.

Vivica Fox has made herself one of the most recognized faces in contemporary fashion with her striking style. This can be seen through her signature high bun with loose strands at its sides.

Side buns provide an effortless way to quickly pull back your locks midday, perfect for all hair types and casual events. Create this chic yet straightforward style by combing hair into a tidy ponytail and pulling it up to its highest point on the head; pull a few of its strands out for added flare before misting Pureology Soft Finish hairspray over it for extra hold.

2. Twisted Ponytail

Twisting up your ponytail is an effortless and quick way to give your style a cute and feminine twist and is ideal for young girls or women looking for ways to look gorgeous without spending hours styling their locks. This fun hairstyle makes a statement without taking up too much of their time or resources.

Begin by creating a high or low ponytail and twisting it while leaving some loose, flippable locks under your hair tie – this will add a beautiful bubble ponytail effect! For something even more creative, add golden beads or a thin ribbon for some added flare!

This twisted ponytail style is an elegant and romantic way to style long, wavy or curly locks, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to a romantic and chic look. Additionally, this look will work exceptionally well on those with longer face shapes as it helps frame their face effectively.

To achieve the look, separate your hair into two even sections with a rat tail comb and twist them clockwise down. When this step is complete, pick up individual small strands on either side and turn them, using bobby pins to secure them underneath your ponytail.

This girly and romantic hairstyle will suit young and mature women as it exudes youth and romance. Wear it to formal events for an eye-catching appearance or use it every day as an everyday look! For an elevated take on this look, add a crown braid to your twisted ponytail for a bit of added glamour. A faux hawk may add another element of surprise!

This exquisite ponytail will look breathtaking on those with straight or slightly wavy locks. Adding some curls can make this style even more stylish and elegant.

3. Topknot

Topknots can look extremely smooth or slightly messy, depending on styling. The key to nailing it lies in finding an ideal bun size–not too tight that it resembles Greenpeace activists, nor too loose that it appears untidy–while adding texturizing spray or volumizer wefts will give additional structure.

Mara Izquierdo recommends creating a chic topknot by pinning the ends of your ponytail into the bun itself, according to the stylist. Additionally, divide your hair into two equal sections and twist each section before looping them around the base of the ponytail and securing it with pins while still leaving some length out for a cute tail – then finish by spraying IGK 1-800 Hold Me No Crunch Flexible Hold Hairspray ($29) to maintain this chic style!

This style can work for any day or evening event and mainly works well if your hair has straight layers that add dimension and balance to your face. If you don’t have long locks, extensions might make up the difference!

Many of us may find their bottom layer too low; you can fix this by gently tugging at its edges to lift it. You could also add hair gems or flowers for an eye-catching finish! If you’re feeling extra creative, try adding a shaved design to your bun if that feels appropriate for the event. Also, feel free to experiment with color; this is an easy way to elevate your top knot!

Chonmage, or Samurai-style topknots, are an alternative variation on this classic hairstyle for men with shorter hair. You can achieve it by pulling your locks back into a high ponytail and twisting and securing with elastic.

4. Puff Bun

The puff bun is adorable and chic, showing off your curls to their full potential. Loops of all lengths can be gathered and twisted into a small or medium-sized puff that sits atop your head like a ponytail; perfect for any special event and suitable for women of all hair types alike, with only minimal product needed to complete this look, according to Mane Addicts stylist Sabrina Porsche. To elevate it further, add texture extensions or change its hue for an added creative twist – or switch out its shade for even more excellent, impactful results!

If you want a bolder style, add braids or zigzag parting. Eaddy says this classic style looks incredibly gorgeous on women with long locks; just be sure to use strong hold styling gel for the best results!

Polko recommends adding fringe to elevate any puff bun. She has seen many people combine slicked back high puffs with flat twists at the front to achieve this exaggerated style, perfect for anyone wanting to hide crown thinning or simply add more volume.

Make a statement with your puff bun by adding large hoop earrings and a smokey eye, ideal for an evening out. Finish your look by spritzing some hair milk to prevent frizz and revitalize curls – adding these details will elevate the style from basic to chic in no time!

Overall, there are so many different styles for wearing a puff ponytail; finding your ideal style will depend on your taste and preferences. Have fun trying different looks until you find one you love! Remember to use quality hair care products such as the ORS Olive Oil Hairspray for Healthy Shine to protect against humidity!