hair Braiding Styles 2020

Braids are an excellent way to show off your personal style. Try something like thick-and-thin Ghana braids for something sure to draw double takes from passersby!

Bold Braids for Personal Style

This chic look features long feed-in braids with a zig-zag pattern for an effortless, timeless style that suits everyone.

Zig Zag Braids for a Chic Look

Fulani braids are an effective protective style to help hydrate and shield natural locks from the hot summer sun. Easy to maintain and accessorized with beads or charms for an added splash of glamor, Fulani braids are time-consuming but well worth their rewards in lasting results.

Protective Fulani Braids for Summer

To achieve this look, begin with a center-parted midi braid on both sides of your head, then work each section independently. When your braids are finished, decorate them with beads and flower crowns for the finishing touches – perfect for any event or special occasion! Consider using a leave-in conditioner to avoid dryness and tangles; long and medium-length hair are both suitable for this style; both permanent and semi-permanent dyes can also be used on them to customize color schemes for an enhanced effect.

Styling Fulani Braids

Wavy zig-zag braids differ from traditional cornrows in that they’re looser, appear less uniform, and are more voluminous than straight-edge zig-zags, making them great for medium to long hair. Furthermore, these stylish designs require less frequent rebraiding.

Loose and Voluminous Wavy Zig Zag Braids

If you want to give your wavy zig-zag braids an edge, try adding beads or sewn-in extensions. Not only will this add length and volume to your braids, but it will also create an eye-catching princess-worthy finish!

Enhancing Wavy Zig Zag Braids

Stitch braid styles continue to evolve and innovate. Take this beautiful design of crisscrossed stitch braids forming a scissors-inspired pattern as an example; this style makes an impactful statement wherever it goes, perfect for women and men who seek attention wherever they go.

Innovative Stitch Braid Styles

If you love Kim Kardashian’s iconic sky-high ponytails on Instagram (scroll through her Insta), why not add some personality and flair with beads? Janine Kerr mixed green and blue velvet beads into her ponytails for an eye-catching summery look, while Rosemary Monica chose more classic accessories such as a black scrunchie for hers.

Adding Beads to Sky High Ponytails

If you’re getting into braiding, try twisting one strand and wrapping it around a messy ponytail for a subtle yet striking style that elevates any hairstyle to something glamorous – as proven on TikTok. While this style may take more time than snatching, the results will wow all eyes as soon as you step outside! Plus, it offers much greater versatility.

Glamorous Twist Around Messy Ponytail

Try this zig-zag style if you’re searching for an eye-catching braid pattern. Perfect for beginners yet still visually striking, adding color or even an ombre effect can take this style even further!

Eye-catching Zig-zag Braids

Vixen braids are another stylish trend. Made of medium-sized braids that form a square shape on your head, they typically last four to six weeks when worn as protective styling and offer relief against damage and dryness to natural hair strands – making this style extremely fashionable!

Stylish Vixen Braids

You or your stylist can perform this style, but be mindful that these styles put significant pressure on the scalp. Take caution.

Cautionary Note for Vixen Braids

If you’re nervous about trying bold colors but still want to experiment with them, purple can be an excellent place to start. It has an elegant tone that works with nearly every skin tone and will ensure an unforgettable look!

Elegant Purple Braids

This vibrant hue works particularly well when worn in braids or cornrows that reach down to your chin or with styles incorporating beads or shells.

Vibrant Braids with Beads or Shells

Burgundy is another vibrant color that stands out, drawing people’s eyes wherever it goes. Perfectly complementing skin with yellow undertones, it makes an impactful statement when worn with medium or small braids.

Standout Burgundy Braids

For an ideal combination, pair bubblegum pink with a low ponytail for an irresistibly girly style ideal for gym sessions or trips to the mall.