How to Keep Black Hair Healthy and Long

Maintaining healthy, long black hair can be challenging. It is susceptible to becoming fragile or dry due to exposure to harsh environments and when worn in protective styles.

Black Hair Pigments

Black hair contains various levels of eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments. Eumelanin provides darker tones while pheomelanin lightens them. This means what appears as black hair on some people may actually be dark brown in hue.

Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown is an elegant classic shade perfect for women with warm complexions. The deep, rich hue adds depth and looks amazing when highlighted with warm blonde or cool tones.

If you want to lighten your locks, a semi-permanent dye may be preferable as it causes less damage when switching back to dark. Plus, using TRESemme’s Root Touch-Up Spray makes keeping roots concealed between salon visits much simpler!

Chestnut Brown Hair

As its name implies, chestnut brown is a warm hair color that flatters most complexions. Additionally, its versatility makes it fun to experiment with different highlights or ombre techniques for additional flair.

Ashy chestnut hair is one of our favorite trends, making it a fantastic option for cool girls with pale complexions. Opt for an ashy hue that is lighter than natural chestnut, or ask your stylist to add caramel for an updated take. Bush’s monochromatic chestnut cappuccino is an elegant way to achieve subtlety while remaining eye-catching. Or take a cue from Aldridge and add coppery highlights for added interest – both options yield results as vibrant as any cup of coffee!

Mahogany Hair

Mahogany, an elegant shade that radiates luxury and sophistication, makes an exquisite statement on dark hair. Not only can it add contrast, it can also accentuate facial features by drawing attention away from them. Add mahogany highlights for a dramatic pop of color that highlights eyes and cheekbones!

Redheads may also experiment with mahogany hair color; however, pre-lightening may be required to ensure it blends with their existing brown base seamlessly. Carlina Ortega of Rita Hazan Salon in New York City recommends glosses or toners as low-maintenance mahogany options; however, darker hues require additional upkeep.

Auburn Hair

No matter whether it’s natural to your complexion or dyed for extra depth and shine, auburn is a warm red shade with golden and copper undertones that complement both light and dark skin tones.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to full auburn color, try subtle balayage technique featuring honey blonde highlights and auburn streaks. This look works beautifully on both straight or wavy black hair types while seamlessly blending in with natural brown tones. Since vivid hair colors tend to fade rapidly, use a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated locks to keep the hue vibrant and healthy. We recommend L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Reversveratrol Color Moisturizing System as one such system.

Jet Blue Hair

This bold yet subtle look combines subtlety and boldness. When done right, this color looks similar to natural black hair with blue highlights – ideal for any style! Additionally, its long-term impact means it may only need touching up occasionally!