How to Prepare For Your hair Appointment

Preparing in advance is vital if you want a great hair appointment. Book it right, and you’ll feel amazing for weeks afterward.


Before commencing any service, a hair consultation must be held with each client. Not only will this prevent disappointment from their end, but it also provides an invaluable opportunity to establish trust between the parties involved and start an excellent relationship.

At the consultation, listen attentively and ask thoughtful questions regarding their preferences. Also, use this time to give them an in-depth tour of your salon, showing them where everything is situated – especially helpful if this is their first visit! This approach may significantly benefit new guests.

During their consultation, ensure you look your client directly in the eye; this helps them feel heard and understood. This is particularly essential when discussing lifestyle aspects such as expectations for their hair. Attention to detail during consultations can provide the best experience and help clients attain their dream looks more quickly. Clients should prebook an appointment to avoid missing it at checkout time.


No matter the service, coming prepared will help increase the odds of a successful appointment. For new clients, bring photos that illustrate what styles appeal to you; remember that images found online could have been altered since this might not accurately represent what’s in front of you.

Before your appointment, it is always advisable to shampoo, condition, and de-tangle your hair to give us clean strands with which to work. Furthermore, having an untangled scalp allows us to backcomb more efficiently for balayage or other coloring services.

When getting lightening or color correction services, it’s advisable to use a clarifying shampoo the day before your appointment to clear away product build-up and mineral deposits that could impede how your hair reacts during the lightening process. Furthermore, avoid using sticky, greasy products on your head on the day of the service.


Clients are typically busy juggling work, raising families, and social obligations, so finding time for salon visits can be challenging. Online booking software enables your customers to schedule appointments at your salon from the convenience of their own homes at times that best suit them.

Genbook is an outstanding tool that combines appointment booking management and customer feedback into one comprehensive platform. Turn on “Reviews” within your web app, and Genbook will collect reviews from each appointment after it concludes – then display them on your website and social media accounts for public view.

Vagaro is an excellent solution for salon owners searching for an efficient appointment booking software solution. This software boasts many features such as online scheduling, client profiles, and inventory tracking to alert when supplies run low; additionally, it features a mobile application to give customers an intuitive user experience.

Arriving at the Salon

An inviting salon environment is critical to an exceptional customer experience. They need to feel welcomed as soon as they walk in the door, which helps put them at ease while making them feel special.

Salons should also strive to be open about their rules and policies, especially regarding any possible fines associated with certain services. Policies should be displayed on their websites, social media fan pages, and reception areas if any modifications occur; also, take steps to notify existing clients – emailing, texting, or using an appointment software such as Booksy’s Message Blast feature are great tools in doing this).

Salons should give their visitors something to drink when they arrive to help them relax while waiting to meet with their stylists. Offering something as simple as water or coffee can go a long way toward creating a positive experience for all involved.