Guys Hairstyles 2020

There are so many amazing men’s hairstyles out there! From classic business shark looks to contemporary pompadour or man bun looks, there are endless ways to showcase your style.

Taper Fade Haircut

This taper fades haircut exudes professionalism while remaining casual-chic, perfect for men who wish to keep their appearance edgy while presenting a professional image.


Men’s pompadour hairstyles can be much more versatile than you realize. A quality pompadour combines sleek sides and high skin fade or taper for an eye-catching and daring style, which works for men of any hair texture and facial structure, including curly locks or black hair. This look makes a bold statement and can work for all these characteristics and more!

To achieve a modern pompadour hairstyle like Pharrell Williams, try chopping your sides shorter while leaving more hair at the crown. This will elongate facial features while looking even more stylish when coupled with a side part like Pharrell has done.


The quiff hairstyle offers an easy alternative to pompadour for men with medium-length hair. To successfully pull off this style, focus on texture over volume; use matte styling products like wax or putty for this goal.

Inspired by Peaky Blinders, this hairstyle can make an eye-catching statement for guys with longer locks who wish to make an impression statement. This look will grab attention in all the right places, featuring a high pompadour, clean bald fade, and wild loose front.


The undercut is a highly versatile hairstyle for men and has gained tremendous traction this year. Ideal for thick or textured locks, an undercut adds some edge to any man’s look while simultaneously offering style flexibility.

This textured look is ideal for medium-length hair and can be worn with or without a beard. Additionally, this style looks fantastic with high skin fade and features either a hard side part or tramline styling options for optimal effect.


Faux hawks are an easy and stylish way to add some edge to any look, and you can style it however you see fit – spiky or casual, depending on your personal preferences. This high fade faux hawk style is excellent for guys wanting to experiment with new hairstyles without making an all-out commitment with mohawks or any other traditional mohawk styles.

This faux hawk features spikes highlighted by its faded sides and bloated puff. To achieve this look, use a volumizing spray and matte-textured hair powder to shape into the desired form.

Man Bun

The man bun is one of the trendiest men’s hairstyle trends. It’s no secret why: this stylish way of keeping hair out of your face while remaining stylish can only benefit those with longer locks.

Guys with shorter locks can also pull off the man bun look by simply tying their hair into a topknot and ensuring it has plenty of body to avoid flattening out their appearance.

This style pairs beautifully with a high skin fade and tapered beard. A slicked-back comb-over and higher-shine pomade create an exquisite balance between elegance and edge.

Long Hair

With patience and persistence, growing out your hair will bring many style options. A side-part men’s hairstyle looks especially great when the length and waviness are combined; make sure that a product such as oil is used regularly to keep it under control.

Complex part hairstyles can also look fantastic when worn by those with long, wavy, or curly locks. Just be sure to keep the sides trimmed short so they blend with the fullness of your top.

A classic look for men’s hairstyles, the comb-over is timeless and looks great with either a fade or complex part.