How to Go Grey Without Dying Your Hair

Going grey can be an emotional decision that takes some thought and consideration, whether due to an unsupportive hairdresser, an incident that brings on change, or simply boredom – you will know when the time has come for change.

Ashy Purple Hair

Ashy purple hair is an eye-catching hue that flatters all complexions, from warm to cool skin tones, and works beautifully with jet-black and brown natural hair colors. This cool-toned shade eventually fades to light grey over time, with its longevity depending on factors like your hair porosity, washing frequency, and use of harsh chemicals or heat styling tools. High-rebound gray hair may experience faster fading.

Pastel Purple Hair

Purple hair dyes look stunning on locks of all lengths, but short waves showcase these pastel hues beautifully. Wavy locks in light lavender shades look both sophisticated and charming at once. Dark purple hair that gradually transitions to an ashy pink shade is another trend to try, providing an easy way to add color without bleaching. Professional hair colorists can assist in creating safe and natural-looking pastel hair colors. Use sulfate-free dye specially developed to refresh, tone, or highlight colors.

Purple hair with Blue Highlights

A gorgeous blend of jewel tones–dark purple, silvery lilac, and dark emerald green–creates this striking and seductive look. Perfect for either a blunt bob with bangs or long pixie cuts! Light brown hair can look amazing when enhanced with violet highlights, provided you invest in quality sulfate-free shampoo and wash less often to prevent fading and brassiness – this is particularly relevant when styling fantasy colors such as this mesmerizing blue-purple ombre strands.

Purple Hair with Green Highlights

Purple highlights on dark hair can add an exciting splash of color without the commitment or expense associated with bleaching the entire head. This look works particularly well on women with long, thick locks. Blue and purple hues are eye-catching, particularly for cool-toned skin tones. Try pairing navy blue and fuchsia purple together for an eye-catching fall look! Opt for an elegant combination by coloring portions of your hair green and purple for an eye-catching beach wave effect. This look works exceptionally well on women with long, beachy waves.

Purple Hair with Pink Highlights

Purple hair makes an eye-catching statement while remaining elegant. For those who prefer something less extreme, purple highlights may provide the ideal solution to achieve this look. Light purple peekaboo highlights are stunning on a natural blonde with cool tones, especially when combined with an updo for maximum mermaid-esque effect! Complete this look by styling with an updo for maximum impact! Add magenta highlights to elevate your blonde-purple ombre. This vibrant hue looks fabulous on olive skin tones!

Purple Hair with Red Highlights

Dark purple highlights that fade into silvery lilac are ideal for those seeking subtle color accents, making this look especially suitable for people with cool-toned skin who desire a vibrant contrast between their skin tone and its shades. Purple highlights in the form of magenta hair look stunning on jet-black locks. This style showcases your inner goth while pairing perfectly with loose, big barrel curls. Vivid colors tend to fade more quickly, necessitating more frequent touch-ups. Be sure to use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and color protectant to preserve the vibrancy of purple hair color.

Purple Hair with Orange Highlights

Purple highlights can add a fun pop of color and shine to wavy medium bobs, perfect for anyone wanting a fashionable yet feminine look without dyeing their entire head of hair. If your hair has already been bleached orange, using a demi-permanent dye with cool shades of blonde toner to neutralize its warm, brassy hues effectively gives your locks a much lighter and neutral tone than dying it purple.

Purple Hair with Yellow Highlights

Purple highlights, especially blonde locks, add depth and dimension to any hair color. For an incredibly vibrant effect, have your stylist use magenta or violet streaks in a balayage technique for the best results. Peekaboo violet highlights look exquisite on cool-toned blonde strands, particularly when styled into a plaited half updo. However, this style requires additional care – so visit the salon every other week for touch-ups. To avoid brassy yellow tones in your hair color, try Joico’s purple shampoo, which neutralizes orange tones – this formula can preserve your color while keeping it bright!