5 Great Hairstyles For Men

Many men choose a short style, which keeps hair out of their face and allows simple styling with gel or pomade.

The curtains haircut is a timeless classic that works casually and formally well, especially on thicker locks.

This faux hawk hairstyle features a low skin fade and long locks combed over into a side part for an eye-catching effect. It is perfect for showing off natural waves in your locks.

Spiky Mohawk: Men who want to make an impression with their hair will love this striking mohawk style, which combines elements from both comb-overs and fades, with skin-shaven sides complemented by teased middle hair teased into spiky spikes for added visual depth. Plus, this model also adds color-dyed points for even greater customization!

This style is an alternative take on the classic punk mohawk. Starting with a straight mohawk, spiky spikes are styled into place using strong-hold gel for an original and fashionable look. Ideal for guys who wish to express themselves through their hair.

Fade Mohawk: Men who want to stand out can try having their hair styled into a faded Mohawk, with its short and spiky central section held back using high-hold gel, while its sides are shaved into any design of their choice; options include crisscrosses, X shapes, names, or musical notes.

This punk-inspired look is ideal for men who don’t mind standing out. The top frontal section has been dyed a vibrant electric blue shade to draw attention, contrasted by an eye-catching fade that stands out against its surroundings.

This classic mohawk boasts an elongating effect by its Comb over and faded sides – two elements that give this style its character.

Short Comb Over The quick Comb over is an ideal hairstyle for men with shorter locks who desire an elevated aesthetic. This hairstyle combines a low or skin fade with a long length on top for an attractive contrast in textures and shapes.

This short Comb over with a beard is perfect for men who want to combine professional with personal style, adding some individuality. The beard adds class and makes this style stand out.

The spiky Comb over is an eye-catching variation on a classic style. Its hard part and faded sides create an orderly and refined appearance, while its unique and stylish buff at the crown gives your look its distinct character.

Angular Fringe: Men who want to look dapper without using too much product or time on their hair should consider the angular fringe a great style option. It features short taper fades on both the sides and back of their head with long front hair cut at an angle that emphasizes their eyes.

An angular fringe works exceptionally well on guys with large foreheads. It elongates their faces to make them appear longer. To further emphasize it, add matte clay or pomade to the tips of your fringe. It is a low-maintenance style suitable for any event!

Quiff: The quiff is one of the most sought-after men’s haircuts. Inspired by pompadour style but featuring more texture than its cousin, Justin Bieber, and David Beckham love this hairstyle that can be styled slicked back for professional settings or left messy for rebellious vibes.

This timeless look features a short, mid fade on the sides and back that seamlessly integrates with long to medium hair on top, for an ideal blend. It can be styled back for a neat appearance or tousled with some hairspray for texture or quiff for an edgier edge – the quiff being suitable for guys with curly or wavy locks.

Side Part: Few haircuts offer low maintenance and timeless appeal as the Side Part. This style maintains long locks on top long enough for styling a quiff or pompadour while creating a tapered taper on the sides and back for easy fade-away.

If you have thick hair, this is an easy way to show it off without it getting out of hand. Brush the sides lightly and use hair wax to keep things neat.