Gothic Hairstyles

An elegantly long caramel lock with dark teal dyed locks is dramatic and gothic, ideal for creating theatrical eye makeup effects. Pair this look with a black dress, fierce jewelry, and dark eye makeup for maximum impact.

Girls love this look of a dark, greased push-back bob styled with dark lipstick for date night, which also plays into vampire and Gothic themes.

Low Side Braid

Low-side braids are an easy and stylish way to add gothic style to any hairstyle. This look features looser braiding, with long strands cascading freely around your face and shoulders for an effortlessly relaxed style suited for any special occasion.

This goth hairstyle for girls with long hair is one of the most fashionable looks ever! Combining a side braid with half-up, half-down styling creates a look that combines femininity and mystery – ideal for an eye-catching appearance! Plus, adding some splash of color will only enhance its uniqueness and style!

This goth hairstyle is ideal for women with medium-length, straight, or slightly curly locks who wish to showcase their gothic style. It is easy to achieve and will show off your gothic sensibility! Additionally, dyeing your locks darker may further accentuate this look.

Magenta Curls

One of the more iconic goth hairstyles, this style is known for its uniquely-shaped fringe – either straight across (hence its name ‘Spock’) or forming a point between eyebrows. Easy to maintain, this look works well with both long or sleek bob hair lengths.

Even with shorter locks, you can achieve a gothic aesthetic with an asymmetrical blunt bob and the addition of color – try going for teal-blonde for added suspense!

Girls with short hair may benefit from trying the beehive style, a vintage take on the classic ponytail. Back-comb your strands or use TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shine Serum to tease without damaging the locks.

Another way to add some color is by streaking your hair. Use spray-on hair dye for temporary effects or purchase a semi or permanent kit to achieve deathrocker Goth looks. Add some dreadlocks for an unexpected and rebellious touch!

Textured Updo

Gothic hairstyles that combine messy and excellent aesthetics should opt for a textured updo without faded sides, which is simple to maintain and creates many different looks. Furthermore, extensions may add volume for even greater voluminousness of the goth style.

One of the most iconic goth hairstyles is the widow’s peak, often used in movies to portray villainous visualizations and works well on straight or curly locks. Back-combing and crimping techniques may also be utilized to achieve this look.

Shape your bangs into spear or triangle shapes to achieve an asymmetrical look and create the classic bat wings style. Short bobs with speared charges can create this gothic hairstyle; short bobs with speared bangs also work great. Dark makeup and pointed eyebrows help bring this goth hairstyle together; dramatic black lipstick completes it for maximum impact on your next night out! This style makes an excellent statement.


An undercut is one of the most coveted goth hairstyles. This trend involves shaving off both sides of your head while leaving long locks at the crown, leaving only short edges visible. Dyeing it with bold colors adds extra flare to this style – perfect for girls with curly locks!

If you want a subdued goth look, try a mullet as an elegant hairstyle option for girls with short or medium-length hair. A mullet can be styled in various ways: straight ponytail to messy and spiky style, and can even be left to fall naturally on your forehead!

The dark Rapunzel hairstyle is an increasingly popular gothic hairstyle. This look features a long, dark haircut with either teal or green streaking and blunt bangs, accented by various hair accessories such as falls or wigs for extra flair. Perfect for girls who wish to showcase their individuality.