Facial Hair Styles For Men – The Goatee

The goatee is an iconic style of facial hair that covers the area between your mouth and chin, traditionally popular among men who wish to portray characters such as Nature Heroes, sailors, or old prospectors.

1. Easier to Grow

Goatees are an ideal option for men with patchy facial hair growth as they offer reduced coverage compared to other styles. You can choose from various goatee styles like the chin puff and Van Dyke. A classic goatee connects the chin and soul patch, leaving the cheeks shaven clean. The Van Dyke goatee includes a mustache and resembles the Guy Fawkes mask in shape and volume. Pencil goatees provide more coverage, but make sure to use a beard trimmer with precise settings to achieve neat pencil shapes.

2. Less Maintenance

Goatees require minimal upkeep compared to full beards, making them a better choice for those who prefer low maintenance styles. Full beards require dense growth and need more care and attention to prevent issues like dryness or itchiness. To maintain your goatee, invest in high-quality beard oil or balm to hydrate your skin cells and soothe any itching. Regularly clean shave to maintain a defined edge.

3. Less Style Options

Goatees may limit your styling options, as they don’t allow mustaches or full beards. However, they can help accentuate and highlight your jawline. Van Dyke goatee styles, which connect a circular chin beard with a mustache, are particularly admired. Soul patches, small patches of facial hair beneath the bottom lip, can be worn alone or paired with mustaches and are suitable for men with less facial hair for full beards.

4. Faster Growing

Goatees grow more rapidly than beards because the areas they encompass (mouth and chin) have faster hair growth. This makes it easier for people struggling with dense beard growth to grow a goatee.