Choosing a Good Hair Color For Men

Light Brown

It is ideal for those seeking a natural look. It complements warm complexions and works well with all hair textures.


It’s an ideal hue for a darker shade that’s less harsh than black—flattering on men with warm skin tones, wildly when styled with faded or shaved haircuts.

Copper Brown

Perfect for men with medium-warm complexions. Highlights curly features and adds dimension to short or medium-length layered haircuts.


A medium red hue that suits light to medium skin tones and thick, textured hair.


Trendy shade, especially for men with curly locks. Works excellent against warm skin tones with olive or yellow undertones.

Platinum Blonde

They are striking silvery shades with a violet undertone. Ideal for men with cool skin tones. Use purple shampoo regularly to combat brassiness.


Certain shades of blue can make a bold statement. Hot pink stands out, while grayish blue offers a more subdued look.

Dark Red

A natural hue that adds depth and character to any hair texture. Works well with most complexions.

Other Colors

Experiment with pale pink, vibrant purple, and more for highlights, tips, or all-over colors.


A bright and lively hue that suits men with cool skin tones. Complements faded or bald head hairstyles.

Pantone’s “Viva Magenta”

The vibrant pink shade suits men with medium-warm complexions. It looks great on a layered or textured haircut.

Natural Gray

Rather than covering grays, embrace them for an upscale, masculine look.


The vibrant orange hair color suits warm and neutral skin tones. Adds contrast to dark hair and complements textured or messy styles.

Dark Blonde

It’s an easy way to change up your appearance. Silver ash blonde is a neutral shade that suits all hair textures.


It’s an exciting change for men with medium-warm complexions. It must be applied subtly to avoid a brassy or orange tone.

Five-Minute Solution

Quick and safe way to blend grays with natural hair color. Lasts up to eight weeks.