Goldwell Hair Color – Professional Colour Line For Salons

Goldwell hair color is a professional color line available only at salons. Its permanent hue can be mixed with the developer and applied directly onto your scalp for long-term coverage. Goldwell offers an impressive product portfolio, including Nectaya and Elumen (permanent), Topchic, Colorance, Men Reshade and Soft Colour (semi-permanent), Silklift, and Oxycur lighteners – each providing their benefits and results.


COLORANCE Is The First Semi-Permanent Hair Color with Intralipid Technology

COLORANCE is the first semi-permanent hair color with Intralipid Technology to repair the structure of the hair. As your locks get healthier, so will the beautiful and shiny results from their use. Goldwell INTRALIPID Technology regenerates up to 70% of hair’s lost lipids, leaving your locks feeling healthier after color treatment and providing extraordinary shine and multifaceted reflections in demi-permanent hair color results.

Staycool Brunette hair Colors by Goldwell

Staycool Brunette hair colors by Goldwell offer various shades that provide natural-looking yet long-term brown results. Ideal for blending grays, refreshing colors, and highlighting. Free of ammonia, they penetrate each strand to wrap around its cuticle for enhanced integrity during coloring processes.

Topchic – Vibrant hair Color That Lasts

Topchic provides a vibrant hair color that lasts. As the 2002 Stylist Choice Award recipient, its exclusive Color Link technology binds color molecules together, while its penetration system ensures even pigment distribution from roots to ends for full coverage. Goldwell HiBlondes offers high lift control to create beautiful blondes. Each shade in their range helps achieve natural and long-term blonde tones regardless of the base level. Goldwell Staycool Brunettes are tailored to achieve natural, lustrous looks with shades that are easy to use, featuring CoolProtect Technology that adds 82% more color stability.

Elixir – Nature-Inspired hair Oil Cosmetic

Explore nature with a hair oil cosmetic that brings extraordinary results. This innovative formula blends Moroccan argan oil, rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, with protective Tamanu oil from the South Pacific that contains antioxidants to restore hair condition while nurturing it at its roots.

Elixir – A Functional Programming Language

Elixir is a general-purpose functional programming language built on the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM), offering high availability, adaptability, scalability, and performance without compromising. Elixir’s impressive list of projects built in Elixir includes Phoenix, Discord, Moz, Pinterest, and Bleacher Report – but it can also work well as an I/O programming language with many concurrent users and asynchronous I/O operations.

Dualsenses – Hair Care Range

Goldwell Dualsenses offers shampoos and conditioners designed to extend color retention and styling products designed to work on all hair types – including blondes and highlights! In addition, there is also a sub-range specifically targeted towards blondes and highlights and an entire Scalp Specialist range for thin or sensitive scalps. Goldwell Dualsenses Silver Conditioner’s Fade Stop Formula complex helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones and keep blonde or grey locks looking vibrant while strengthening them for strength and providing a luxurious shine. Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth Taming Serum is a weightless conditioning treatment designed to smooth and tame frizzy or unruly locks. Packed with Raspberry Seed Oil and a balancing complex, this lightweight solution imparts intense shine and softness for superior hair conditioning results.

Kerasilk – Movie Star Locks

Kerasilk offers movie star locks without the star-level price tag! Keratin smoothing service delivers exceptional softness and shine for up to six months – ideal for clients seeking movie-star kinks! Your stylist can tailor this two-component system to the needs and preferences of individual client hair types and textures, such as their current hair type, texture, and desired outcome. Formulated with smoothing glyoxylic acid and additional keratin and silk proteins to penetrate deep into hair follicles to form new keratin bonds that make hair feel softer and more manageable. Complete a premium salon service by providing Kerasilk home care recommendations and using either Kerasilk Control Smoothing Fluid or Rich Protective Oil for the perfect blow dry.