Girly Haircuts For Everybody

Girly Locks with Layers and Feathering

Girly locks look absolutely stunning when styled with layers and feathering, helping lighten thick locks by adding texture. Additionally, this look works beautifully for all face shapes including oval.

Box Braids

Box braids are an indispensable style staple when it comes to girly hair. Their simple yet versatile nature make this style suitable for day or evening events alike, offering endless styling possibilities!

Taking Care of Box Braids

As with anything, taking proper care when wearing braids is paramount in keeping them looking their best and healthy. Avoiding dry scalp, adhering to regular wash routines, and selecting an effective moisturizer are all integral parts of preserving the style.

Styling Box Braids

Make sure to use Black Vanilla’s hair Pomade to slick away any loose strands or baby hairs around your face, then follow with a volumizing hairspray for additional volume and freshness. Finally, detangling spray for braids is a great way to ensure they remain as tangle-free as possible and is especially helpful for looser, less tight braiding techniques – great if you have thin or fine hair; can even help women living with Alopecia!

Flicks and Curls

Curly hair (as worn by Lupita Nyong’o, Mariah Carey and Yara Shahidi) requires lots of TLC in order to create defined patterns. Quench your curls using moisture-rich products such as Love Beauty and Planet’s Light Hold