5 Fun Summer Hairstyles

Summer days require simple hairstyles that won’t require hours of heat styling. Play up your natural texture by styling with simple cuts and texture spray for gorgeous locks that will not lose their volume in humid climates.

To achieve soft, subtle waves, begin by prepping your strands with a heat protectant before wrapping them around a curling wand at various angles to produce beach-inspired, relaxed, or just-left-the-beach locks. Be sure to bring photos or references when visiting a salon, as this will help your stylist understand precisely what you desire. Also, book regular trims to maintain volume and prevent split ends – this is particularly important for longer strands that grow out faster.

Face-Framing Bangs and Layers

An effective way to beat the summer heat is adding face-framing layers and wispy bangs to long, straight hair for an attractive style that adds volume without adding weight – perfect for all hair types! To avoid committing to full fringe, try opting for a shorter comb-over. A low chignon with loose tendrils will keep your locks out of the way while adding style. Pair this look with a stylish straw hat for maximum effect – ideal for any weekend brunch or beachside adventure.

Short Comb-Over

Though you might think a bleached undercut should remain in the realm of boy bands, this taper fade comb-over proves otherwise. The barber expertly blended her model’s hair from bottom to top to create something far more refined than your average crew cut. A comb-over with a high fade is ideal for keeping your hair short without looking military. Just inform your barber of this decision so they do not create an unintentional hard part line! Men with wavy hair may benefit from opting for a short comb-over. Comb upward and backward to make a small pompadour and complete the look.

Ivy League Haircut

Men with curly locks may benefit from trying this Ivy League haircut as a great way to emphasize its natural texture and kinks. While tapered sides will still need to be maintained, its longer top allows you to incorporate complex parts and use texturizing cream for an effortlessly casual style that’s simple to style. The Ivy League haircut is ideal for men looking for something a bit more formal in their appearance. A tighter fade and shorter sides create an appealing, clean cut that pairs nicely with beards to complete this masculine look. Men with wide widow’s peaks can benefit from using an Ivy League haircut called an outlined side part to cover them up. It works best with medium-length hair, but you can easily make it longer or shorter. More extended versions enable you to switch out the comb over fade for a textured modern quiff; however, more extended versions require more maintenance and styling time.

Low Bun

A classic low bun is always appropriate, but for something different this summer, try switching up your style a bit by adding some unexpected details. To achieve a polished updo, take two thin front pieces and twist them around your ponytail; this resembles a ballerina bun but is much more casual! Teasing your hair to add volume before tucking it into a low bun requires only a few bobby pins to secure. For a simple style, leave some tendrils out to frame your face and finish the class with a silk scarf.

No matter the occasion or the setting, these stylish summer hairstyles will leave an impressionful first impression. Remember to control any flyaway strands and add texture powder for added volume!