5 Alternatives to the Full Bangs Haircut

Bangs can completely transform the appearance of your hair. Though they require additional upkeep, their effects make the investment worthwhile. For those not quite ready for such a commitment, fringed bangs may be the solution!

Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs add a sleek and modern aesthetic with their variable lengths, making this style easy to maintain while looking fantastic on any face shape.

Choppy bangs hairstyle

The choppy bangs hairstyle is an emerging trend that will turn heads. Perfect for adding an edge to your style, you can choose long, choppy bangs that touch the bridge of your nose or shorter versions that graze over your eyebrows.

How to achieve this look

To achieve this look, use Shu Uemura Clay Definer hair Pomade and work it through your bangs until you reach the desired effect. The key to this style is a naturally messy yet edgy look.

Who can rock this style?

This choppy style works beautifully on both wavy lobs and straight locks. Apply a leave-in conditioner that enhances the curve of your waves, such as Dove Restore Repair 1 Minute Serum, for optimal results.

Face framing layers

Face framing layers can add movement and volume without the commitment of a full bang cut. These layers are designed to frame your face and are suitable for all hair textures and lengths.

How to position these layers

Your stylist can position these layers based on your preference, starting at the cheekbones or chin. Starting at the chin can create a more flattering result for oval face shapes by elongating features and making an eye-catching appearance.

Consult a professional stylist.

Assembling your haircut with face-framing layers can be straightforward and beautiful. Still, it is crucial to consult a professional stylist to achieve optimal results for your face shape and style. They can give you tips on styling your hair and determine the ideal placement of face-framing layers.

Invisible layers

Fashionistas who prefer minimal looks may benefit from invisible layers. This technique works on all hair textures and lengths, especially thin or flat locks.

How invisible layers work

By adding soft fringe layers into the rest of your locks, invisible layers add volume without requiring too much styling effort. This look complements most face shapes and is ideal for growing out a heavier bang.

Long bangs

Longer strands add a soft frame to your face, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. Long bangs can enhance any beauty look, from Brigitte Bardot’s iconic style to Taylor Swift’s feathered layers.

Additional style option – baby bangs

Baby bangs, falling somewhere in between curtain bangs and blunt fringe, offer another style option. These soft face-framing fringes help open round or oval-shaped faces by emphasizing cheekbones while concealing more prominent foreheads.

Regular trims for blunt bangs

Blunt bangs feature straight, unfeathered edges, making them an excellent style choice for heart-shaped faces. Choose straight-across or slightly upward-angled blunt bangs to achieve this look.

Styling tips for blunt bangs

Be mindful that blunt bangs require regular styling. They cover more surface area of your forehead, which absorbs oil and sweat faster than other styles of bangs.