FTM Haircuts For Guys With Round Faces

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are versatile and suitable for various hairstyles. For men with oval faces, undercut and crew-cut styles are recommended. These styles avoid excessive height on top or bangs that could make the face appear rounder and more feminine.

Heart-Shaped Face Shape

Men with heart-shaped faces have wider upper halves that narrow to a slim jawline and chin. Medium-length shag haircuts with face-framing layers, short pixie cuts, or neatly trimmed bowl cuts are all excellent options for this face shape. Styles with excessive length on top or fringes/bangs should be avoided to enhance masculinity.

Round Face Shape

A wider forehead than cheekbones characterizes a round face shape and a narrower chin than the jawline. Haircuts that emphasize angles and contrasts, such as crew cuts, slick back styles, or side part comb-overs, work well for round faces.

Square Face Shape

Angular facial features can make it challenging for trans men to find the right haircut. Choppy and piecey pixie haircuts are recommended for square faces as they add softness and volume, balancing the strong jawline and chin angles.

Mullet Cut

The mullet cut is bold, highlighting natural texture and adding volume. It pairs well with beard and mustache styles and can be worn at medium or long lengths. Texturizing hair products can maintain a sharp appearance and prevent frizz.

FTM haircuts help create a more masculine appearance and provide confidence for trans men. The ideal haircut depends on personal style and experimentation to find the best fit.