Afro haircut For Black Men

The afro haircut is one of the most popular styles for Black men today. The afro looks best on black men with longer hair, and it can take some time to grow into the desired style. To get the most out of this unique style, you should start with a small afro, and work your way up. You can opt for a high or low taper, depending on the length of that. A high taper is textured and forms a diagonal line around the back of the head. A mid-taper is a nice alternative for many guys, as it is vertical and more masculine.

How to Style an Afro haircut Like a Men’s haircut


There are a lot of advantages to an afro haircut. It creates a huge volume and kinky ringlets. However, it should be balanced with something else. You should visit a stylist to have your designd properly. You can also follow the tips below. The first step is to wet that. Wet  is easier to brush. You can also use a spray bottle to moisten that. To prevent oil from dripping everywhere, dip a pick in hair oil.