How to Rock the Froze Haircut

The fro haircut is an innovative combination of afro hair and fades that can be customized to meet the unique styling of an individual. Dreads, long or short, all ages and textures of hair will find this look suitable. This modern afro shape pairs nicely with fades and beards, while also looking fantastic on boys of all ages.

Afro Fade

This style is ideal for afro hair as it retains extra length on top while creating a rounded appearance. Like a Mohawk fade, however, this cut does not sweep back; instead, sides and back are trimmed accordingly with hair cut as needed to match. You can add even more character by shaving cool designs like x’s and crisscrosses into its fade.

Curly Afro Mohawk with Fade Cut: An Attractive and Low Maintenance Style for Black Men

A curly Afro Mohawk with a Fade haircut offers black men a stylish yet low-maintenance style. Combining natural curls on top with a low/mid fade and shaved part creates a desirable technique, exuding confidence and character. To maximize this afro style’s potential, you should moisturize and twist your hair regularly to maintain its shape and keep looking your best!

Afro Mohawk

A fro Mohawk is an eye-catching way to express yourself with your hair and will turn heads wherever it goes. Add an edge to your look by coloring or designing it in different hues for an eye-catching effect! This version of a fro Mohawk features small braids for an understated approach to this trend. Furthermore, its sides have been left skin faded for added contrast between curly locks at the crown and skin-faded sides of its haircut. Black hair makes an excellent base for this style due to its natural volume and density. Dark tresses also show off vibrant hues, helping your Mohawk stand out. Fuschia hues like this vibrant one stand out among their peers – it will draw the eye! Use this deep fuschia hue as an eye-catcher to accentuate your frohawk.

Afro Bang

An elegant bang haircut can help bring out the best in any face shape. Many different bang styles are available to complement every skin tone and personality – whether you prefer sleek sophistication or playful flirtiness! For those with a Teenie Weenie Afro, using small perm rods to define your curls and form a mini Afro bang just above your forehead effectively keeps a full Afro in check. This hairstyle works particularly well if time and energy are short! Ask your barber for a mid-fade haircut with a flip-over bang for an elegant and unassuming style. This style works for straight and curly locks and is the ideal low-maintenance style choice. Additionally, this look looks particularly regal when worn with a headband!

Afro Mid-Length

This style straddles the line between an afro and a cornrow haircuts, making it ideal for those who desire a little of both on their crown. Jourdan Dunn wears her slick cornrows close together and complements her natural texture for an appearance that combines tradition with contemporary. Medium-length fros with bangs can add drama to any look, while a deep side part and a few bobby pins transform an everyday puff into something suitable for an evening event. The light brown ombre color adds depth and dimension to this blunt cut. Apply a matte finish hair wax or low-shine oil to maintain texture and polish to maintain consistency and polish. Or try natural enhancing products that make curls pop while also helping prevent frizz.

Afro Cornrows

Afro cornrows are an iconic African hairstyle that can be worn in various ways. Most commonly, they’re braided closely to the scalp in rows of small braids for a classic look; however, for something bolder, you could also opt for plaiting them in a zig-zag style instead. This look’s beauty lies in its simplicity: no accessories are needed to make it stand out! Pairing it with blonde locks adds extra visual interest and makes you appear fashionable. Cornrows have long been associated with black culture and history; however, unlike their longtime association with dreadlocks, which are usually discriminated against when worn by non-black groups such as employers and schools. Although black people who wear cornrows may face discrimination at work or school environments, wearing them proudly shows them off with style, while white counterparts often sport them with pride and style.