Taming Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizz and its Causes

Frizz can make your curly hair unruly and untidy. It can be caused by factors like humidity, not allowing protective styles to set, or damage. It’s important to remember that product build-up can also contribute to frizz.

Maintaining hair in Humidity

Humidity is often blamed for frizz because it increases hydrogen bond formation in your hair. Okay, straight, or dry hair is more prone to frizz in humid conditions. To combat frizz, condition your hair regularly and avoid rough towel drying. Instead, use a soft cotton or microfiber towel and scrunch your hair gently before applying curl-defining gel or hair oil to seal in moisture and prevent frizz.

Brushing Curly Hair

Curly hair can become dry, leading to frizz. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for frizz control and hydration. When brushing, do it while your hair is damp and covered with detangling products or leave-in conditioner. Also, adding a few drops of oil to your haircare routine can help keep your curls moisturized and detangled.

Styling Tips

Heat and product build-up can damage curly hair and contribute to frizziness. To prevent this, use clarifying shampoos to remove build-up and avoid touching your curls while they dry. Air dry them naturally, or use a diffuser instead of a hair dryer. Switch out your regular towel for a microfiber one and use a wide-toothed detangling brush with a leave-in conditioner containing shea and murumuru butter for bouncy and sleek curls.

Invest in a haircare regimen explicitly tailored for frizzy curls. This may include shampoo, conditioner, and a frizz-fighting serum or spray. Some recommended products are JVN Shampoo, Ouidad Curl Quencher, and Sol de Janeiro Vegan High Gloss Oil, which provide moisture, reduce frizz, and shine unruly hair. Remember to get regular trims to prevent split ends.