Protect Your Hair With Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are an attractive protective style lasting up to eight weeks with proper care. Whether it’s your first time or if you have worn crochet braids for years, they provide endless ways of expressing yourself and showing your creativity!

Kiitanaxo’s Stunning Burgundy Crochet Locs

Kiitanaxo, a vlogger, shows off a breathtaking burgundy hue for her crochet locs. She achieved this stunning look with just two packs of Kanekelon braiding hair.

Long Crochet Extensions

Crochet extensions are an effective and protective style for creating long, full locks without damaging natural strands. Made of synthetic hair, crochet extensions come in various colors and textures, making them versatile for every occasion. By adding crochet braids to cornrows, a sleek and fashionable style is easily created that’s also easy to maintain. However, proper care is necessary to prevent breakage in the natural hair.

Add Length to a Short Bob

Crochet braids can add length to a short bob hairstyle. This layered style features a side part and crimped texture for a youthful appearance that complements the face shape. The realistic-looking texture of this crochet twist may even fool your friends and is an excellent option for concealing a widow’s peak along the forehead.

Yarn Crochet Extensions

Yarn crochet extensions are a protective hairstyle designed to strengthen and expand natural locks. They can help grow the hair faster and be styled into fashionable looks. Unlike other weaves, crochet braid extensions typically consist of synthetic hair, which is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to style without tangling easily.

Range of Colors and Highlights

Crochet extensions come in various colors to match any individual’s skin tone or preference. You can choose from wavy crochet hairstyles with salt-and-pepper highlights or opt for a bolder look by pairing blonde highlights with crochet braids. The choice is yours!

Kanekalon Crochet Braids with Ocean Wave Pattern

These handcrafted crochet braids are made from Kanekalon hair and feature an ocean wave pattern. They are lightweight, tangle-free, and heat resistant, allowing for various styles ranging from boho chic to sleek straight looks. Each pack of 27 strands comes with a crochet needle and hair rings for complete coverage of your head.

Crochet Braids with Endless Choices

When it comes to crochet braids, there are plenty of choices available. You can use either human or synthetic hair with different styles, textures, lengths, and looks to suit your preference. Crochet braids can be made to look natural or bold, depending on your desired type.

Unconventional Crochet Mohawk Style

Opt for an unconventional crochet mohawk style to stand out from the crowd. Ensure your stylist keeps your cornrows tight enough to prevent breakage.

Volume and Bounce with Wavy Crochet Braids

Wavy crochet braids can add volume to your locks by adding bounce to each strand. This can also help reduce blow-drying time every morning. Different lengths and thicknesses are available to suit your style, with an average of three packs usually sufficient.

Short Crochet Extensions for Quick and Easy Looks

Crochet hair extensions offer an easy way to achieve romantic or burgundy-toned looks within minutes. Instead of needles, these extensions are inserted into cornrows using a crochet hook. You can try Niseyo Butterfly Locs Crochet hair or Flyteng Spring Jamaican Bounce Crochet hair for short crochet options that are soft, shiny, tangle-free, and easy to install.