The Best Shades of Green Hair

Green hair is a vibrant and eye-catching choice that doesn’t require bleaching. Find shades that complement your skin tone for a fresh and refreshing look. Manic Panic offers vegan-friendly and PPD-free hair dye, like the Electric Lizard shade.

Green Ombre on Black Hair

Show off the rich green hue with braids, specifically fishtail braids, for those with thick textured hair. Money piece ombre is another option for a subtle transition from dark green to light green on dark brown and black locks. Green dye requires extra care, so use quality shampoo and regular conditioning treatments.

Green Streaks

Green hair makes a bold statement, but proper care is essential to prevent faded or outgrown roots. Opt for semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye that doesn’t require a developer and can be rinsed out easily. Dark forest green and emerald green look stunning on wavy and thick hair. For a playful look, add lime or mint streaks to black locks.

Green Money Pieces

The money piece trend is popular among influencers and style icons. Use green as the color for this face-framing effect to enhance your overall appearance. Alternatively, opt for warmer tones like caramel on friendly brown locks for dimension and autumnal vibes.

Emerald Green

Try emerald green hair using semi-permanent dye or high-lift bleach for daring individuals. Create a braided style with a black base transitioning into an olive green tint. Follow a proper hair care regimen for vibrant and healthy emerald green hair.

Three-Tiered Ombre

Add a touch of green to dark hair for a sun-kissed effect. The ombre style is a gradual transition that works well for those hesitant about coloring their entire hair. Longer locks benefit from this style. Create a three-tiered ombre with various shades of green, starting from deep jade at the roots and transitioning into lighter mint.

Holographic Hair

Achieve a bold holographic style by using multiple pastel colors on dark locks. It’s best to visit a professional stylist for this unique look. Maintain the vibrancy of your dye with sulfate-free hair products and minimize sun exposure to prevent fading. Regular touch-ups with a colorist are necessary for holographic hues.