How to Use Flowers in Hair

Flowers as Hair Ornamentation

Flowers are a natural and exquisite way to adorn hair, making any hairstyle look stunning. They also carry symbolic meanings that can convey messages.

Adding Hydrangeas for Colorful Hair

Incorporating hydrangeas from their bouquet is an excellent option for brides who want to add color to their hair. These flowers come in pastel hues that complement light-colored outfits perfectly.

Elegant Lily Hairstyles

Lilies are a sophisticated choice for feminine hairstyles. Whether worn casually in a ponytail or styled for special events, a single bloom adds elegance, while clusters of flowers provide a unique touch.

Tips for growing lilies: They require well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight. Plant them directly into garden beds or containers, and protect them during winter. Deadhead consistently encourages new blooms and provides regular feeding with appropriate fertilizer.

Sunflowers for hair and Beauty

Sunflowers are not just bright and beautiful; their extract, oil, and butter offer numerous health benefits for our hair and overall well-being. Regular sunflower seed oil can reduce frizz, control dandruff, and promote healthier and faster hair growth.

Creating sunflower-hued hair colors is a stunning look for dark brunettes. Temporary hair makeup spray can achieve this look without permanent coloring.

Baby’s Breath in Hair

Baby’s breath, or gypsophila, is often featured in weddings and adds elegance to floral arrangements. It can be pinned into x-shaped formations in hair, providing a delicate and charming touch.

When cultivating a baby’s breath in your garden, keep it out of direct sunlight to preserve its blossoms. Blooming will typically stop after summer or early fall.

Exquisite Roses in Hair

Roses have always been associated with love and romance, and they can also make your hair look exquisite. They work well in crown braids, chignons, or as a flower garland around your head for added elegance.

Using a bouquet of baby’s breath flowers can also be an attractive and classy finishing touch for formal occasions.

When wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day, try to plan it during winter or fall when bees are less active. Store flowers in water or refrigerate them until it’s time to use them, and mist your hair with water before attaching the flowers to help them stay in place.