Flowbee Haircutting System Review

Effortless, Versatile, and Family-Friendly

The Flowbee Haircutting System is a convenient vacuum hair cutter for all family members. It has ten plastic spacers to trim hair in different lengths, making it suitable for various hair types. The system also includes a universal hose adapter to fit most vacuum cleaners, allowing for quick and precise operation. With the Flowbee, you can even groom your pets!

Easy to Use, Cost-Effective, and Perfect for Children

The Flowbee is an at-home haircutting system that offers simplicity and safety when trimming your hair into any desired style. It utilizes guide combs and cutting blades to ensure precise trimming, which is especially useful for children. Additionally, using the Flowbee is more cost-effective and faster than visiting a barber. It can even help trim beard and neckline hairlines for men with straighter, short to medium-length, or thin/curly locks.

Convenient Packaging and Easy Cleaning

The Flowbee is made in the US and designed for long-term reliability. It comes neatly packaged with a hose, vacuum adapters, blade oil, six plastic spacers, and a power cord. This provides everything you need to save money on barber bills. Moreover, cleaning up after using the Flowbee is a breeze. Attach it to a standard vacuum cleaner to suction up the hair debris. Make sure your vacuum has sufficient power for optimal performance.

Excellent Investment and Easy Maintenance

The Flowbee hair Cutting System is an invaluable investment, especially during a pandemic when salon visits are impossible. It can save you thousands of dollars in barbershop expenses. However, it’s worth noting that the system works best on straight hair, while thick or curly locks may cause some messiness. As for maintenance, keeping the blades oiled regularly ensures the Flowbee operates at its best.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles and Easy to Store

The Flowbee is lightweight, cordless, and perfect for those with busy lifestyles. It allows for customized haircut styles and can even be used on children. Its variety of attachments caters to different preferences and hair types. Its compact size makes it easy to store and clean after each use, including for thin or delicate hair types.

Multipurpose Use, including Pet Grooming

The Flowbee is beneficial for human haircuts and serves as a time and money-saving solution for grooming pets. However, it may not be suitable for skittish or long-coated pups.