How to Find a Hairstyle That Flatters Your Face Shape

Deciding to get a new haircut is no small undertaking, and you should ensure the style chosen fits your face’s shape, enhances its features, and increases confidence. Selecting an ideal cut can highlight all of your features while increasing self-assurance.

Face Shape

Your facial structure has a significant effect on how certain hairstyles will appear on you. Depending on whether you have a round, egg (oval), heart, diamond, or square face shape, specific haircuts will accentuate or downplay certain features, while others might do just the opposite.

An oval-shaped face looks best with styles that add width at the top of the head like a pixie cut with bangs or graduated shag, while for round faces, long wavy or textured layers can create beautiful frames around it.

To accurately analyze your face shape, take a photo of yourself using a ruler or flexible tape measure and draw around its widest point (near your temples or hairline area). Or take a selfie and connect the dots for a more straightforward measurement! After this, determine your facial length about jawline width, cheekbones, and chin measurement – for longer faces, it may be wise to avoid blunt bangs that cut right at the chin, as these will only make your features even longer! If this applies to you, avoid blunt bangs that cut right at the chin since this will only elongate them further!

Hair Type

Before selecting a hairstyle, it is essential to consider your type of hair. Different styles suit various densities and textures of hair; if you have something specific in mind, ask your stylist what would work best with your particular texture of locks.

Fine hair is soft and silky, easily manipulated into various styles. Furthermore, it tends to be more resistant to heat styling products than medium or thick hair types.

Medium hair is thicker than fine hair and features three distinct layers instead of just two, making it more resistant to heat styling products and more accessible to hold into place than thin or delicate locks.

Wavy hair naturally coils into an S-shape, and styling it can be slightly more challenging than straight locks. Curly locks may have light coils (2A) or tighter coils (3C).


An effective hairstyle can boost confidence and put you at ease, but an inappropriate one could create anxiety about how others perceive you and cause you to feel self-conscious.

Your hair depends on many factors, such as your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Finding the ideal style can highlight your best features while hiding any that don’t suit you.

Selecting the ideal style depends heavily on personal taste and lifestyle factors. Some women want to experiment with their looks, while others opt for simple techniques that work well with daily life.

Based on your lifestyle and hairstyle preferences, the maintenance requirements for your style may affect how often and for how long you visit a salon and spend on styling it regularly. Longer styles may need more frequent visits, while shorter styles might be simpler to maintain and more versatile in meeting various lifestyle needs.

Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles for men can have an enormously transformative effect on your appearance, be it treating a bad hair day, building self-confidence, or hiding thinning locks – the right haircut can enhance your style! Even how you comb and manage your locks may play an integral part in how it looks!

If your hairline recedes, try incorporating some drama with a faux hawk or another eye-catching cut, such as a quiff, to give an attractive masculine appearance. Thicker locks may benefit from being highlighted while simultaneously covering up thin spots.

For a sleek and fashionable style, try styling your hair side-part. A sharp part line and immaculately styled locks will give a polished, professional look, making a side-parted style an excellent way to elongate a square face shape while at the same time looking stylish. Additionally, scissor crops with a mid fade can give a tidy, untidy appearance without shortening your forehead size too quickly.