Filipino Haircut Trends for Men

Pinoy hairstyles offer numerous variations. In addition to the timeless baro’t saya style, Filipiniana outfits often call for stylish braids or ponytails that go perfectly with pinoy looks.

Heart Evangelista’s New Haircut

Heart Evangelista recently made waves online when she debuted her new haircut on Instagram, prompting many netizens to compare it to Song Hye Kyo’s signature look. Many fans were taken aback! Be inspired and try your version by combining a fade with a middle part – sure to turn heads.

Bembol Roco’s “He-Man” Hair

Bembol Roco was beloved in the ’80s for his comedic acting and gentlemanly persona. However, what really endeared audiences was his lush locks: Bembol had one particularly fluffy part that almost looked like a mane of lions! This style inspired younger heartthrobs such as Sandara Park, Jerry Yan of Meteor Garden, and Korean idol Jung Kook to try the technique out themselves.

Bretman Rock’s Shaggy Wolf Cut

Gen Z’ers are not afraid to show their wild side, and Bretman Rock embodies this attitude with his shaggy wolf cut, an unconventional hairstyle that fits Gen Z’s daring aesthetic perfectly. Worn slicked back, or with bangs, this look will turn heads. Keep it under control using Dove Men Care Refreshing Clean shampoo, which contains caffeine and sparkling menthol to revive the scalp and hair without stripping it of natural moisture.

Cachupoy’s Middle Part

The 1990s was a golden age of curtain hairstyles (also known as “skimpy” or “keeper”). Leonardo DiCaprio made this iconic style famous through Titanic. At the same time, members of 90s boy bands like Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Bobby Andrews from A1, and Stephen Gately from Westlife also rocked it. This trend involved shaggy cuts with cleanly parted sections resembling curtains, hence its moniker. Salvador Garcia Tampac, more widely known as Cachupoy, was a beloved Filipino actor and comedian known for sporting middle-part hair. He was featured on the Magandang Tanghali television show and was honored with Esquire Philippines’ inaugural cover feature.

Jericho Rosales’ Tousled Curls

Jericho Rosales stands out in an industry where most men try to steer clear of anything remotely feminine in hairstyle, with his natural curls always turning heads and never failing to impress. Though he’s a full-time actor, he never neglects to maintain the health of his hair – treating it well so it always looks its best. His tousled waves have an effortless but polished style; they look like they have their own life!

Jerry Yan’s Dreamy Locks

Meteor Garden’s Jerry Yan may not be Filipino, but many consider him an idol due to his dreamy head of hair. Jerry even inspired a whole generation of tween girls to grow their locks long to emulate him! While this haircut might be too old-school for Gen Zers, shorter shags with bangs offer a modern alternative.

Bretman Rock’s Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut is an eye-catching cross between this year’s other trendy hairstyles, including mullets and shags. Yet, its look remains cool, edgy, and bold enough for celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Bretman Rock, and Barbie Ferreira to adopt it! It was first popularized in Korea, where it garnered over 645 Million TikTok views, before spreading worldwide to stars such as Miley Cyrus, Debby Ryan, Bretman Rock, and Barbie Ferreira, among others. Katie advises those interested in trying this style to create their wolf cut by taking a zig-zag section around the occipital bone and using a razor to segment pivotal cells down the head to give a choppy texture. Finally, softening it further with a curling iron will complete the look.