Feminine Pixie Haircuts

Spiky Pixie with Baby Bangs

Some may mistake a short haircut for something more demure, yet this spiky pixie with baby bangs will show off your feminine qualities! This low-maintenance pixie is easy to style with just a bit of hairspray. The textured layers and asymmetrical shape create a striking look perfect for any special event or casual gathering.

Brushed-Back Bangs

A brushed-back bang is an iconic look for pixie cuts, adding feminine flair while being versatile enough to suit different hair types and face shapes. This style works best on blonde locks and fits well with many face shapes. A classic pixie cut with long sideburns is an ideal way to frame and emphasize eyebrows, making a lasting statement about who they are as individuals. This style works well across a wide variety of colors but particularly stands out when worn by someone in warm chestnut tones.

Feathered Layers and Deep Side Part

Feathered layers and a deep side part are another way to elevate a pixie cut for day or night-out use. Wear this chic style at work or while out and about!

Spiky Side-Swept Bangs

This spiky pixie haircut offers an exciting and daring choice for short hair. This layered cut features textured layers, which can be spiked up for an edgier punk-inspired style or smoothed back for more elegant elegance. Additionally, add color by dying the ends with semi-permanent bright dye colors!

Deep Side-Swept Bangs Style

The deep side-swept bangs style is another timeless pixie cut style, and this simple, chic hairstyle looks beautiful on any face shape and works well with various colors. The spiky texture of this cut helps hide double chins, minimize round faces, and flatter oval ones; plus, it hides broad foreheads or smaller faces, and highlights high cheekbones!

Side-Swept Pixie with Baby Bangs

If you have fine hair, try this adorable pixie cut to transform yourself into a princess! Ask your hairdresser for short layers that can be styled, slicked back, or swept to one side; add texture spray for an elegant finish! Give a classic pixie haircut an updated feel with the help of the correct color choice. An icy blonde hue looks particularly gorgeous in this style and brings out its fantastic asymmetry. Oval face shapes should consider opting for a side-swept pixie with baby bangs as the optimal cut to complement their gorgeous facial features. This charming cut will frame your eyes, showing off their beauty. Additionally, sports enthusiasts may benefit from wearing this style as it keeps locks out of the way during activities like running and swimming.

Choppy Pixie with Baby Bangs

This dramatic combination of boyish simplicity and feminine flair embodied by this choppy pixie is perfect for fine hair textures, close to ears and nape but dramatically longer in the crown, where an asymmetrical undercut meets wispy layers. Ideal for delicate surfaces, it can be styled using root lifters and light texture pomade.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs that fade into the top of this pixie cut to frame her face beautifully while adding volume to her style. This low-maintenance cut works for most women and can easily be managed with some hair products.

Pixie with Bangs – Keira Knightley’s Style

Keira Knightley wears this classic pixie with bangs to emphasize her stunning green eyes and jawline. Her look remains minimal with a simple slick back, tucked sides, and one pin curl in front.

Side-Swept Pixie with Wavy Top

Asymmetrical haircuts are captivating and compelling. A pixie cut with a wavy top is no exception – this style boasts versatility and adds romance and playfulness, framing the forehead slightly as well. For added drama, use accentuating highlights to emphasize its attractive appearance.

Pixie with Loose Curls

For an extra feminine and seductive touch to your pixie haircut, consider incorporating loose curls in the crown of your hair. With some texturizing spray or molding wax, you can make your waves pop and create a beautiful texture with subtle movement. This option works particularly well on women with thin locks as it adds volume while adding interest to a shorter style.