How to Style a Fade Haircut

Classic Fade

A classic fade haircut offers clean lines and timeless style. It can be worn differently, from slicked-back types to textured options. Consider pairing it with a mohawk or faux hawk for a bolder statement.

Curly Fade

Curly hair combined with a fade creates an effortless yet fashionable style. Consult with your barber for advice on achieving a textured fade with minimal maintenance.

Texturizing Fade

A mid-fade short hair style is an attractive and subtle choice. It gives a clean appearance while still allowing for personal style preferences.

Curly Fade

This style features sharply defined fade lines with longer coils on top. It demonstrates that high-fade haircuts can still have a distinctive style.

Burst Fade

The burst fade haircut offers an unconventional edge by combining a fade with a circular outline around the ears. It can be integrated into popular looks like the mullet, crew cut, faux hawk, or quiff styles.

Hard Part

A tricky part adds an eye-catching detail to any faded haircut, making it suitable for a polished and professional look.

Low Bald Fades with Razored Hard Parts

Sleek, sophisticated, low bald fades with razored hard parts suit any special occasion. Combine them with a comb-over or quiff for an impressive men’s hairstyle.