Haircuts For Face Shapes

If you want to accentuate your face shape with lengthening techniques, the ideal bob is one with long, face-framing layers that are length.

Square Faces

Square faces tend to feature strong and distinct jawlines, making a soft look essential to balance their solid jawlines and features. Consider opting for a layered style with side-swept curtain bangs.

Oblong Faces

Long faces can be stunningly beautiful features that can be enhanced with various hairstyles. However, it is best to avoid styles that add volume at the crown or length on top, which only further elongate the head’s look. Short to medium-length types with longer layers at the bottom and side parts work best in balancing out long face shapes; bangs that sweep across your forehead grazing eyebrows also work nicely for this facial structure. A deep side part can create more width overall in your head if your facial features are pretty long – this will generate more width across your head overall!

Shoulder-length bobs are an excellent way for women with an oblong face shape to showcase their features and emphasize femininity and elegance. Although shoulder-length hair may make your face appear longer than it is, with the appropriate cut, you can balance this out and achieve a balance between length and proportions. Hilary Swank’s golden brown bob is an example of a practical, short, oblong face shape haircut: its blunt ends fall just past her shoulders while side swept bangs add sophistication and femininity that frames her features beautifully and elegantly in an elegant way – hers has side swept bangs to frame her features elegantly and femininely framing her facial structure in an elegant and feminine manner.

If you prefer longer hairstyles, try the curly lob popularized by Tracee Ellis Ross. This textured cut features loose curls for an effortless boho chic style that works well with an oblong face shape. Furthermore, adding blonde highlights around the face may provide some much-needed width to your appearance.

Women with long hair can try a textured ponytail for a more casual yet fashionable look. This style has the same effect as a shoulder-length bob yet requires much less maintenance. To complete your look, add an accessory like a stylish hat or scarf to top it all!

Square Faces

If your forehead and cheekbones are nearly the same width, with strong jawlines featuring sharp angles, you most likely have a square face shape. Many celebrities, including Zendaya, Olivia Wilde, and Cameron Diaz, share this trait. To find a suitable haircut for this face shape, ask your stylist to cut your hair a few inches shorter than your chin but no longer than your shoulders, as this length will frame the features while softening strong jawline lines. Alternatively, opt for a shoulder-skimming bob with face-framing bangs to showcase all your gorgeous features while remaining casual!

Alternatively, for an eye-catching effect, try styling a pixie cut with a longer fringe that is lightly tousled for an eye-catching effect. A shorter bang adds height and will draw focus directly to your eyes for a mesmerizing effect. This style could also be suitable for straight hair types who wish to experiment further with volume at the crown and bangs that skim the width of their forehead.

A lob is an ideal medium-length haircut for square face shapes, wildly when styled into an angled face-framing cut like Sandra Bullocks. The long sweeping strands will offset your jawline for a younger and more feminine appearance. If your hair is straight, apply some light volumizing spray or root booster product for an added boost.

No matter your hair length or style, any layered style suits a square face shape beautifully. An all-time classic would be a smoldering side-swept long bob with caramel brown highlights to show off your stunning features or try something bohemian like center-parted wavy shoulder-skimming lobs featuring natural-looking natural-colored highlights (Keira Knightley has one!). Both styles would look fantastic on her!