Face Framing Pieces Hairstyles

Angled Face Framing Layers

Try angled face-framing layers to add flair and dimension to a bob without leaping bangs. They look amazing with wavy hair and require minimal upkeep. Start with two quarter-inch sections on either side of your part, and use a comb as your guide.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are an effortless way to add movement and texture to your locks, making for stunning face-framing pieces with straight hair. They look fantastic on almost everyone! To achieve this look, consult a skilled stylist who can use point-cutting techniques to create the ideal balance of sexy and casual. Choppy layers work particularly well with thin hair as they help create dimension and make the strands appear thicker. They are also quick and straightforward to style using texturizing spray or light pomade.

Graduated Layers

Long face-framing layers that hit or curve at your cheekbones subtly boost any haircut, highlighting natural texture and curliness. Pair this style with a side parting to achieve maximum impact and face shape balance. Staggered or graduated face-framing strands offer a soft sculpting effect and reduce unnecessary weight at the ends of your hair. A skilled stylist can cut these strands to fit your desired face shape while blending them into the overall length for a sleek, lightweight finish. Graduated layers work best for oval- and rectangle-shaped faces but can also help soften any face shape.

Disconnected Layers

Curtain bangs or wispy fringe can draw focus away from longer face shapes and create a subtle framing effect. Your stylist can cut disconnected layers that appear swept to one side or leave them loose around the face for added texture and body. Separated face-framing layers offer a more natural appearance than graduated layers, complementing various facial structures well. They are also great for adding volume and texture to long textured hair. Disconnected layers pair nicely with multiple hairstyles, such as full fringes and micro bangs.

Waterfall Layers

Face framing layers offer many advantages over bangs regarding ease of styling. These delicate layers, created through point cutting or slide cutting, accentuate rounded facial features while giving more body to any style. Long-haired individuals can benefit from adding face-framing layers just below their cheekbones to highlight their jawline and cheekbones, creating an eye-catching silhouette worn loosely down or pulled back up.

Angled Layers

Angled layers are a low-maintenance alternative to bangs for a face-framing style. They add texture and dimension without significantly increasing length. Use a pliable hairspray like Pureology’s Style Protect Mess It Up Texture Spray to achieve a piecey effect. Your stylist will help determine where the shortest face-framing layers should fall based on the features you want to emphasize or downplay and how often you style your hair. Tailoring the cut can prevent excess bulkiness at the ends of your tresses, especially if you often wear your locks updo-style.