5 Anna and Elsa Hairstyles

Bring out your inner Frozen princess with this delightful book featuring Anna and Elsa’s various coiffures from Frozen. Packed with vibrant photographs and step-by-step instructions, this beautiful volume makes recreating these hairstyles easy.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids take longer to complete than regular braids but create beautiful curves rather than flat dents, adding volume to your locks and adding volume-boosting dimension. To achieve this look:

For added glitz, add some bobby pins or flowers!

French Braid

This braiding technique adds an elegant flair to formal or party events. Starting with a Dutch braid, you can create a gorgeous fishtail braid. To achieve this look:

This stunning updo gives off princess-like vibes and looks incredibly attractive with second-day or scrunched-wavy locks!


No matter the event or special occasion, an updo hairstyle is always chic. It can add flair to any length and texture of hair. To create this elegant updo:

Thin hair may be challenging to style, but numerous updo options will still look fabulous and are ideal for formal events. One such style is this elegant updo, which can be enhanced with braids or unique partings for an eye-catching finish.


The bun is an elegant and classic hairstyle that creates an elegant and timeless appearance. To achieve it: