Ellen DeGeneres Unveils New Long Hairstyle

Ellen DeGeneres made headlines last October by sporting an unusual hairstyle: typically wearing her short pixie cut with its layers brushed straight down, she decided to switch things up by opting for a flipped-back style instead.

Pixie Haircut

The Pixie haircut is an eye-catching and contemporary style featuring a short back and sides with long, choppy layers on top, which can be worn with or without bangs and is versatile enough for many face shapes. You will need a blow dryer, gel, and hairspray to maintain this chic and contemporary style. It also makes an eye-catching statement when accessorized with a fun hat or printed headscarf! If your natural curls or waves are naturally curly or wavy, try styling them by teasing the roots and curving the ends with your fingers to achieve a softer and more natural texture. Use Dove Amino Restore 1 Minute Serum Conditioner daily to maintain healthy locks for your pixie cut!

Short Hairstyles

Ellen DeGeneres has worn her short blonde hair in various styles over time. At first, it was in a close pixie cut styled with bangs, but since then, her locks have grown out and now feature more of a jagged cut that is slightly longer than before. Her back and sides of her hair were tapered into her head, while the top had rough cuts for an easy yet flattering short hairstyle that was both flattering and edgy at once. Ellen recently unveiled an intriguing new style on her show that has her fans talking. The talk show host rocked an unconventional manner – a slick-back haircut that made a big statement compared to her signature pixie cut! We love its irregular edge that adds a modern edge.

Long Hairstyles

Ellen DeGeneres has recently tried to rebuild her image after facing months of negative press over a “toxic workplace scandal.” Recently she unveiled a slick back hairstyle rather than her signature blonde pixie haircut – an attempt at self-improvement that may backfire. Fans were delighted by this change; some even noted how similar her new style resembled that of Portia de Rossi, her Australian wife. Ellen was seen sporting her new look alongside her husband on this week’s episode, in a scene featuring them joking about Cardi B’s accidental release of nude photos. However, despite receiving a positive response to her new look since returning from hiatus, allegations of bullying and toxic work environments have turned away some viewers. We hope Ellen can find ways to engage her audience more!

Medium Hairstyles

Ellen DeGeneres exudes femininity through every inch of her frame, as evidenced by the numerous medium-length hairstyles she has donned throughout her career, such as a chic pixie cut and modified bob. With blonde hues adorning her cropped tresses ranging in the shade, Ellen keeps this style easy to manage by having it professionally trimmed every two months to keep strands even and even longer. Her shoulder-length bob is an ideal option for women over 50. The combination of layers and side-parted fringe makes for an aesthetically pleasing cut, while its light blond color flatters her complexion perfectly.