Edgy Hairstyles For Over 50

Are You Over 50 And Have An Edgy Taste?

There are various fabulous styles that you can try as a woman over 50 with daring tastes, whether that means rocking a platinum mullet or sporting a bold-colored bob!

Either of these looks is sure to turn heads and grab attention! Edgy hairstyles feature rough edges to add dimension and add dimension. Consider pairing one of these looks with warm balayage to achieve an unmistakably relaxed vibe.

Chop Layers

A short haircut with choppy layers is an eye-catching and eye-catching style choice, working well on all lengths and made even more striking by adding bold panels of color.

This layered crop is ideal for petite faces with delicate features, offering an adorable yet sophisticated style that can be enhanced further with long side fringes.

If you want to add more dimension and interest to your choppy pixie cut, opt for thick bangs that blend harmoniously with its texturized cut. This stunning combination will indeed receive numerous compliments.


If a classic pixie cut doesn’t suit your fancy, try this modern take on the mullet hairstyle instead. This edgy look features a fade and shaved sections at the ears and back of your head; its crown remains longer than other parts of its cut for added drama and coolness.

It’s sure to add drama and coolness to your look! Mullets were once associated with rock stars like David Bowie in the ’70s; they’ve seen various adaptations and, sincee then, seen everywhere, from country music singers to hockey players, as a winking sign of countercultural rebellion.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is an eye-catching style suitable for people of all ages. Add different colors to your hair for an eye-catching effect, or sleek it back towards the forehead for added impact. Zoe Kravitz made headlines for choosing this bold and modern cut to reveal her natural beauty.

For those with more daring styles, why not experiment with a spiky pixie with face-framing bangs? This style works best on curlier or wavy locks but can be pulled straight for more polished effects. Just be sure to use a volumizing or thickening spray before styling to avoid limp strands!

Choppy Bob

Choppy bobs are an ideal hairstyle for women with medium-length or short hair. Easy to style and add an edge to any look, they are also highly versatile as they can be worn in multiple ways.

Your choppy bob can have any style or arrangement you desire – center part, side-flip partition, trendy balayage color highlight, or anything in between!

For an edge, try sporting a platinum-colored choppy bob. This trendy haircut looks beautiful on any skin tone, making its wearer youthful and vibrant.


The balayage hair trend has gained immense popularity over recent years due to celebrities and social media influencers opting for this striking two-toned style. The freehand highlighting technique gives your strands lovely dimension while remaining low maintenance.

Blonde highlights pair well with ashy brown strands for a girl-next-door, soft, and subtle aesthetic, or you could try golden highlights to balance a darker base for an alluring sun-kissed glow.

Tygr suggests preserving this beautiful color by keeping your tresses healthy with proper hydration and vitamin intake and getting regular trims to ensure the best-looking strands possible.

Long hair with Glitter

Women over 50 don’t need to shy away from daring hairstyles. Incorporating glitter can give any style an added flair, especially ponytails and buns. Add some shimmer with Rock the Locks Sugar Cookie Glitter Hairspray ($6) or IGK Pre-Party Glitter Spray ($16).

Use a product like Rock the Locks Sugar Cookie Glitter Hairspray for maximum effect, as both products provide subtle glitter.

If a blunt and choppy pixie crop doesn’t suit your aesthetic, try opting for something more refined and feminine like this two-tone trim edgy cut featuring a textured fringe to suit any face shape.

Lingerie Updo

Lingerie updo hairstyles don’t just suit women under 20; they can look equally stunning on women over 50! All it takes to achieve an unforgettable style is professional layering and highlighting by an experienced stylist.

Try a medium-length bob with bangs like Sandra Bullock or a longer bob with side-swept curtain bangs like Davina McCall, for example; make this updo romantic by wrapping a crown braid around your head secured with a small flower clip for that vintage vibe that perfectly pairs with your Dita Von Teese stockings or Rococo Dessous lace lingerie!