Easy Updos For Thin Hair

Updos for thin hair require extra work, but when done correctly, they look stunning. Focus on creating textured styles with loosely pinned sections that add volume.

1. Side Braid

Women with fine hair often struggle to create stunning updos that complement their fine locks, but piling your strands up is one way to create depth and volume. Be wary of styles that require pulling too tightly back your strands as this could damage and further thin out the locks.

The crimped texture is another great way to add fullness and depth to your look. Consider creating an irresistibly seductive side braid or going for more casual styles with messy ponytails for an impactful effect. If you have the time, a fishtail or pull-through braid is an exciting updo that can instantly boost volume. Add texture spray before attempting these styles for your desired fuller, more voluminous effect. Tuck the ends of the hair into the braid and pin it into place if desired before tugging out the braid for an undone, casual appearance if desired.

2. Messy Bun

Securing fine hair requires gentle manipulation; loosely pinned and tucked away messy buns offer a much more suitable style that works for every event, from girls’ day outs to weddings – it provides added volume. It is the ideal updo to achieve volume without damaging thin locks.

Add texture to your topknot to achieve a fuller-looking appearance. Try using a light hold volumizing mousse to add texture, then backcomb lightly for extra dimension. Alternately, create a messy bun using a simple chignon and accent it with bows or flowers for an elegant and feminine look. Add hairspray for long-term hold and light control. Choose a style that works for your face shape before experimenting with various variations until you find something you love! This hairstyle looks best when worn at medium to long lengths.

3. High Bun

A high bun is one of thin hair’s most effortless, versatile updos. To recreate this charming style, start by gathering your locks into a tight ponytail, using a small curling iron to add tiny tendrils throughout, then combing through and pinning artfully around your crown for an appealing full-looking updo suited for everyday or special events.

Making thin strands appear thicker is all in the styling. For a pixie cut, choose a side-swept silhouette to frame your face with soft volume; or create an updo that features loosely-pinned waves or curls for a voluminous effect. Add extra volume to your high bun by accessorizing with glittery headbands or clips, followed by misting with hairspray for effortless style.

4. Topknot

A topknot can serve many functions; an effective remedy on bad hair days, the signature look of street style stars, or what many refer to as the man bun. Furthermore, its unique shape offers thin locks and a few extra lift points where its fine strands lack volume.

Add embellished headbands, ribbons, or large clips for an eye-catching statement look! This feminine updo can elevate any ensemble to new levels. To prepare, spray volumizing mousse or hairspray into dry or damp hair before parting it into two sections and tease the crown of each division before twisting and knotting, and pinning it down securely.

Add dimension and fullness with face-framing pieces of hair tucked under your bun by layering some face-framing sections around its base, creating more density. Finish it with eye-catching decorative elements such as feathers, flowers, or sparkly gems to complete this chic updo!