Easy Styles with Braiding hair

A braided ponytail is an elegant style perfect for any special event or day-to-day wear. Enhance it with vivid hues like a stunning burgundy shade to draw maximum attention. Box braids are a popular protective style, and Dascha Polanco rocks them with a slick-back ponytail for a statement look. Add beads to your braids for an eye-catching finish, choosing ones that reflect your aesthetic or cultural roots for maximum impact.

An elegant braided updo can look chic and sophisticated for a formal event. Adding texture to your crown updo gives it flair. Start by French braiding one side of your head and securing it in place with hairpins. This simple yet stunning technique showcases the color in your hair and is sure to turn heads. It works well on second or third-day locks; the natural grit adds depth and dimension.

Achieve this stylish updo quickly with some volumizing spray. Its unstructured yet elegant appearance makes it perfect for formal and informal gatherings. Add purple synthetic hair for an exotic two-tone color effect, creating eye-catching or Marley twists that are easy to maintain. This style adds texture and length for a cute look.

Challenge the perception that braids are boring with a stunning fishtail French braid. It’s the ultimate way to achieve romantic boho styling. Gather one side of your hair into a section and pull it across to the opposite side, adding it to the outside strand of your braid. Continue adding small cells to your fishtail by flipping the left and right sections over the middle, securing them with an elastic at the end.

Add drama and character to your cornrows with a braided heart braid. Use a rat tail comb to draw the heart shape on your scalp, perfect for events and dates. Elevate the hairstyle by playing with color, adding splashes of red or pink to your braided hearts for extra flair. Complete your look with accessories like metal cuffs and hair rings.

Braids are ideal protective hairstyles to showcase natural locks at prom, wedding receptions, or other formal events. Although more intricate, this floral-inspired braiding trend can be achieved simply by knowing how to do a fishtail and basic braid. Connecticut hairstylist Alison Valsamis created this stunning spring style, taking inspiration from nature’s rose.

Don’t be intimidated by experimenting with braided styles; they don’t have to be complicated! Pancaking is crucial to this look, as it involves loosening a braid to flatten it like a pancake, giving the style more body and volume. Start your braid as usual, then carefully tug at individual strands until it flattens into place. Secure with a hair tie to complete your look.