Easy Short Natural Hairstyles

Do you want something new with your short, natural hair? There are lots of options to choose from. Let’s explore chic and stylish hairstyles that enhance your natural beauty.

1. Undercut with Red Highlights

Consider an undercut if you want to add some flair to your natural hairstyle. This Afro undercut features a gorgeous mahogany red color, adding charm and edge to your look.

2. Short Caramel Tapered Pixie

This short caramel tapered pixie haircut is perfect for women with thick-textured hair. It features a round, curly top, seductive bangs, and cinnamon red and soft black highlights for a flattering and aesthetic look.

3. Stylish Undercut and Curly TWA Bob

Bring out your inner bohemian with this stylish undercut and curly TWA (teeny, weeny afro) bob. It features pastel colors for maximum visual appeal and accentuates your facial features and natural curls in an eye-catching way.

4. Loose Curls

Loose curls are versatile and can be worn from work to date night. They frame your face beautifully and look chic in any setting. You can also try vintage finger coils or tight ringlets for a regal appearance.

5. Braided Faux Hawk

Think braids are only for long locks? Think again! This adorable braided faux hawk is perfect for shorter hair. It creates stunning textured looks, and it’s sure to turn heads. It may require some skill, but the result is worth it.

6. Faux Bob

You don’t need to cut your long hair short to look adorable. Create an effortless faux bob by wrapping and pinning scarf sections around your neck to hide the lengths. Tease the pinned sections for added volume and an authentic style.

7. Cornrows with Twisted Curls

Cornrows are an iconic hairstyle that suits every hair color. This daring version combines cornrows with vibrant spiraled curls for an eye-catching style. Add sparkle and dimension by embellishing with metallic barrettes or bobby pins.

8. Side Braid with Long Side Tendril

Short natural hair doesn’t limit your styling options. This braided look starts with a French braid and incorporates cross-overs and thin strands for extra volume and style. Tie and pin any loose strands for a polished finish.

9. Side Braid with Long Side Tendril

Let your curly locks flow naturally with this adorable side braid. Pair it with a side-swept bang and subtle lilac highlights for a cute and chic statement. Brush your hair, choose a shoulder for the braid to hang from, and start braiding.