Easy Short Natural Hairstyles

Please make the most of your hair’s natural beauty with a tapered cut that showcases its 4C curls with an elegant feathery pixie style paired with vibrant mahogany brown dye to bring life and vibrancy into your look.

Give your locks an irresistibly stylish makeover, as demonstrated by Solange, with a cropped and slicked-back style, as seen here. Add some holding hairspray for this sophisticated and glamorous style.


A wash-and-go style allows you to embrace your natural curl pattern and requires minimal styling for optimal results. Ideal for those wanting to protect their ends from damage, this style requires little upkeep or styling effort and should last you throughout your day without hassle or commitment.

Twist-out protective styles offer low maintenance needs for short natural hair that’s either curly or textured, pairing perfectly with deep side parts and long curtain bangs for an eye-catching yet professional appearance.

Are you searching for an effortless way to upgrade your short afro? Try this wavy pixie cut with a slicked-back look for an easy upgrade that highlights facial features beautifully. Although simple to create, visiting a stylist for this style would ensure an even cut of the hair.

Deep Side Part

A deep side part is an effective way to transform your look without needing a significant haircut. This style creates extra volume while emphasizing the sides of your head to frame your face and neckline.

Celebrities and influencers have recently been seen sporting this trendy look to conceal harsh jawlines or give rounded faces an instant facelift effect. Even short hair can benefit from having a deep side part. A basic pixie cut with a skin fade can get an instant upgrade by adding this style. Long strands of curls also look fantastic when styled this way, like those seen on Yara Shahidi’s classic bob. Ask your stylist for a deep side-swept look with face-framing layers for added dimension and movement in your cut.

Perm Rod Set

Perm rod sets have become trendy among natural hair enthusiasts, providing an effective means of creating various curl sizes without heat. Each rod has different diameters that can be used to wrap and “snap” sections of strands around them before being left overnight to set and dry.

This low-manipulation style is especially beneficial when transitioning tresses as it reduces damage while encouraging healthy practices such as moisture retention, reduced tangling and breakage, blending textures seamlessly, and maintaining moisture balance.

Rod sets are an excellent solution for women seeking long-lasting curls that require less daily maintenance. Start with clean hair, apply leave-in conditioner and styling products before sleeping under a satin bonnet to further preserve your coils.


Slicking back your hair adds both sophistication and an edge, as well as keeping the locks out of your way throughout the day – no more annoying strands of hair blocking up your emails!

If you want to elevate the style of your slick-back hair, try adding texture. Hairstylist Jonathon DePaca recommends choosing products with a natural appearance, such as hair butter or pomade.

To recreate Bella Hadid’s look, comb your hair into a middle part and slicking back the sides. Pin back or leave loose your bangs, giving them a slight side-swept appearance for added character to this style.

Buzz Cut

Try a high and tight buzz cut if you want something bold with your cut. This style involves trimming both sides short while leaving the top slightly longer (usually two guard sizes).

As Tyra Banks demonstrated, curly pixie cuts are another great style option for natural hair, especially with bleached or vividly-hued highlights,.

Alternatively, for an edgier look without all the work and maintenance involved in maintaining an Afro, consider opting for a fade with design elements like zig-zags or diamonds to spice up your hairdo. You could even add cornrows or wigs for even more visual interest!