Easy Short Hairstyles For Women With Short Hair

Pin your short hair into an updated low ponytail for an elegant yet straightforward style, and finish off the look with some sea salt spray for a touch of added shine. Perfect for days when keeping things simple is key!

Pixie cuts are ideal for quick morning transitions. Slick back your bangs using smoothing hair oil for added pixie style, and add this trendy pearl hair barrette for the finishing touches.

Braided Hairstyles

Braided looks can add flair and sophistication to the eyes of women with short hair. These unique braided styles, from blunt pixie bangs to full locks, add character and personality.

Try a Dutch braid or waterfall style for everyday wear that pairs beautifully with casual looks. Or go bolder by opting for a faux-hawk braid with an edge!

Longer strands can sport a boxer braid to complement their athleisure attire. Keep clear elastic bands, smoothing serum, and hairspray on hand to achieve this style.


These easy short hairstyles will have you looking great without breaking a sweat – whether that means styling with an adorable cropped crop or extended bob cut! Try adding an eye-catching braid like Lupita Nyong’o for an added pop.

Make an impressive statement at any formal night event with a side combover! Add an air of glamour with it, combined with an eye-catching fashion ensemble and earrings designed to emphasize shoulders – then complete your look by spraying some curl-defining hairspray to preserve and lock in texture!

Space Buns

Space buns look fabulous on all hair textures and can even help those struggling with volume issues. The key to successful space bun styling is having all of the appropriate supplies on hand: this includes combs, elastics, bobby pins, and your preferred styling spray.

Add color to the look by layering two-toned blue shades – they pop against one another! And it works even better when paired with a boldly hued bandana!

For an effortless take on this trend, put your pigtails into two flat twists and then puff them up to create an easy and quick alternative style.

Half Updo with a Bun

Half updos may seem easy enough, but mastering them takes practice. Cosmetologist Dawna Jarvis advises separating your hair into two sections parallel to your temples before gathering the top section into a ponytail secured with an elastic.

Arrange the remainder of your hair into a bun or top knot and secure it using bobby pins for a timeless style. For added flair, try adding hair pearls or flower barrettes as embellishments.

This look is adorable and perfect for any special event or casual daytime occasion, looking incredibly feminine on shorter hair!

Half Updo with a Ponytail

Half updos are an ideal way to add some style without overcomplicating things. If your short locks don’t hold a bun alone, add pearl pins for an adorable yet simple half-updo look that can easily transition from day to night!

Straighten and pull back half your bangs to form a high half ponytail for an irresistibly girl-next-door style. Add some flair with a colorful scrunchie for added character!

This layered shoulder-length shag frames your face beautifully for effortless elegance. Use a volumizing primer and hairspray to enhance volume, then curl a few strands using a large barrel curling iron for beachy textures.

Bubble Braid

The bubble braid is one of the easiest short hairstyles that anyone can achieve with minimal effort, looking fantastic with even shorter locks.

Create a ponytail and add hair elastics every few inches until you find an aesthetic you enjoy. Play around with spacing until you discover a look you adore.

Add this look into a side French braid or voluminous ponytail for an eye-catching finish. This model’s side French braid leads to a full bubble section ponytail for an exquisite style, complete with velvet scrunchies for added flair!