5 Easy Short Curly Hairstyles For a More Feminine Look

Pixie with Ringlets

Pixie with ringlets makes the ideal feminine short hairstyle. Use texturizing spray and scrunching techniques to achieve this beach-inspired style. Showcase your natural thick curl pattern with a tapered pixie cut that hits close to the nape. Add face-framing layers for a sophisticated style. Make the untidy manner feel chic by gently teasing or finger-teasing your locks to create a lived-in texture.

1. Short Pixie with Bangs

Pixie cut with bangs adds contrast and frames your eyes in an eye-catching fashion. This short pixie with bangs features voluminous locks with well-defined coils. Use bobby pins to arrange small curls into an I-don’t-care look. This style works well with medium circles, and subtle highlights add dimension. Regular trims will be necessary to maintain the style.

2. Pixie with Side Undercut

Showcase your wavy locks’ natural texture with a short pixie that leaves some length on the sides and back. Blend shaggy with polished styling seamlessly. Ask your stylist for a mix of highlights to add an edge to this haircut. Add face-framing bangs for a feminine touch. Style the bangs straight, tucked to one side, or combed over and swept back for an elegant finish.

3. Long Bob with Bangs

Long bobs paired with bangs add volume and frame the face perfectly. Include layers in both the back and front for added shape and volume. Softly textured coatings keep the shape fresh, while short, choppy bangs add a playful edge. This angled bob features a deep side part and long layers that cascade to the collarbone. Chestnut brown highlights add depth and style.

4. Short Bob with Layers

This layered bob is an elegant, short, curly hairstyle with bangs. It showcases your beautiful texture while remaining feminine and manageable. Soft layers taper down to a feathered end for a light, airy style. Face-framing bangs beautifully frame your face. Add curls in front of your bob for additional dimension, or create curtain bangs for a personalized look.

5. Pixie with Two-Tone Curls

A tapered pixie with bangs is perfect for an alluring feminine beauty. This chic style works for both casual and formal looks. Combine the tomboyish haircut with wet curls and a hairband for a feminine and gorgeous look. Random layers add volume and shape, while caramel highlights provide depth of color. The spiky top and tapered sides give a fun, punky vibe while highlighting your curves.