Protective and Easy Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair’s beauty lies in its variety of styles. From intricate looks that take time and dedication to effortless types that keep hair healthy while looking its best, one will surely be one will surely be suitable for everyone.

Flat Twists

Flat twists make a beautiful protective style that’s great for sleeping on while looking stylish even when wet, with frayed ends adding texture and character. This style can also provide plenty of volume if desired!


Braids reign supreme when it comes to protective styles for natural hair. You can do simple techniques on your own and more complex ones that should be left up to an expert braider.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are timeless classics. Angled dark brown hair sections are carefully braided into an orderly braid pattern to form this chic summertime style. Add an adorable headband for extra charm!

Half-Up Half-Down Braids

Braids can also be worn half-up or half-down like Janelle Monae or pulled back into a bun for a romantic look. Add face-framing cornrows for an elegant princess-worthy style; to spice things up, try Ghana braids with unique patterns or lengthy pigtail cornrows ending in a side ponytail that ends like a tiara-esque side ponytail tiara-esque side ponytail to add texture.


Twist-outs are an excellent protective style for natural hair that creates a wavy pattern through your mane while offering high moisture levels and definition, making them especially helpful for women with shorter or transitioning locks.

Achieving the Perfect Twist-Out

For an ideal twist-out, start with clean and moisturized hair and some styling products to give your locks enough moisture for a beautiful texture. Leave-in conditioner, hair gel, and oil can all give your locks that extra boost of hydration they require for beautiful locks. Ensure you keep a spray bottle handy so you can spritz your locks whenever it dries out!


Pineapple Puff is an effortless, low-maintenance style perfect for natural hair that looks fantastic for every occasion. This protective style helps retain curls while you sleep and prevent them from flattening; plus, it supports healthier wash day regimes while controlling unruly coils!

Styling the Pineapple Puff

Initially, the pineapple method was devised to protect curls during sleep. This involves piling loose locks of curly hair on top of your head that resembles the shape of a pineapple. To achieve the look, you will require an ouchless elastic band or scrunchie as a ponytail holder, along with a satin scarf or bonnet and soft, satin ponytail holder to avoid denting your hair with its structure; additionally, use a satin pillowcase as additional protection from frizzing and breakage.


As one of the most iconic natural hairstyles, afros are fashionable and symbolic – representing opposition to hair straightening and Black pride. Additionally, an afro is protective since its structure keeps hair ends tucked under and secure – preventing damage to them and therefore keeping your locks safe from frizz and breakage.

Different Styles of Afros

Afros don’t just come in big, voluminous styles – they can also come with tapered or miniature versions like those of Jourdan Dunn. Her cornrows that feed into her afro accentuate her face while protecting it from tangling at the back and sides of her head. If you don’t have time to dedicate to an afro, try this quick, cute style instead! Front-to-back braids and a low bun provide heat protection while creating a hippie aesthetic.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you want an effortless natural hairstyle that instantly elevates your look, consider opting for a side-swept bang. This style frames your face while making you appear younger by reshaping the forehead and concealing any wrinkles if necessary.

Creating Side-Swept Bangs

To achieve side-swept bangs yourself, start with hair that is around 70% dry. Next, divide a rat tail comb into a triangle at the spot where your brows meet and look in a mirror for guidance on positioning curl groups for cutting downward slant. Straight blunt bobs with side-swept bangs are flattering on any facial structure, but blonde hair makes this style especially eye-catching. Try beach waves alongside side-swept cracks to create a feminine and romantic style; add volume with teased crowning for an even more significant impact.