Easy Hairstyles For Black Girls

No matter the length of your daughter’s hair, she can try numerous easy styles on her tresses. Black girls can opt for a classic straight bob cut, while adding some playful ringlets can create an unforgettable style!

If she has natural kinky curls, let her show them off with bubble ponytail holders or barrettes. Or she could wear her hair in pigtail twists with decorative hair clips to give the appearance of natural waves.

Afro Curls

The Afro is a timeless look perfect for Black girls. This hairstyle showcases your gorgeous natural texture, from low fades and frohawks to an Afro or an Afrohawk. To achieve it, apply curling cream and finger coil your hair in small sections before leaving it to dry naturally for your voluminous curls to shine through.

An alternative way of defining your afro curls is the shingling method, also known as the comb-out method, and it is incredibly straightforward: comb through your coils while applying hair cream as needed. Ombre tinsley twists offer a vibrant splash of color for a night on the town. Try switching it up even more by creating faux hawks with colored streaks for something truly distinctive!


Ponytails are one of the most accessible and fashionable hairstyles for black girls, making it one of the most versatile options. Simply spraying it with smoothing spray or flyaway tamer before pulling it up and securing it with a silky scrunchie will achieve this sleek look.

Add some sparkle and make her stand out with a glittering elastic hair band wrapped around the base of her neck, or go for an eye-catching silver or golden headband to give your girl’s low ponytail that extra special touch.

If your young girl has natural short afro curls, you can quickly create an adorable school hairstyle by pulling it up and tying it back into a high ponytail with a pretty bow on top. Or use wand curls to add extra volume before tying it off for a more elegant style.

Mini Twists

Your daughter might find it challenging to keep up with trends in hair, particularly during middle or high school years. Still, she can do numerous easy natural hairstyles that will show off those beautiful, thick, kinky afro curls! Luckily, these can all be done on her own without you needing assistance or holding their hand every step of the way!

Starting with clean hair, apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to her scalp to prevent dryness. Next, begin twisting each section downward so the style lasts. Bangs or front chunks can be gathered for charges; for a more casual style, leave them out altogether and frequently moisturize while taking hair protection seriously by sleeping under a satin bonnet.

Havana Twists

Havana twists are an effortless protective style perfect for all hair lengths and types, requiring little upkeep or effort to look their best. In addition, they make an ideal solution for growing out natural hair as they can be washed, eliminating any messy ends as your locks expand outward.

Little black girls can sport an adorable yet simple hairstyle for school by styling jumbo Senegalese braids into cornrows and piling them onto one another to form a bun at the back of their heads. This hairstyle makes an eye-catching statement at school! It is sure to turn heads.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are two-strand twists crafted using Kanekalon hair (Xpressions). Their twists are thinner and less stretched than Havana twists made with kinky hair, giving a more natural appearance; however, they are more expensive than their Havana counterparts.


Finding an adorable hairstyle to suit a girl’s busy day of school and extracurricular activities can be challenging. From natural or relaxed locks, long or short, here are fun and easy styles that will help her look their best on picture day!

Try a bun for an effortless protective style that requires little time or effort to style. Add a chic finish with flower or butterfly clips, giving her twisted pigtails some flair!

If she wears her hair short, she could also try the jumbo braid look to showcase her thick black locks and make an impressionful statement about them. This style becomes even more eye-catching if she utilizes colorful hair ties as sections of this look.